First Post: Farewells

March 3, 2008 at 4:18 am | Posted in Thoughts | 3 Comments
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Well. Now I’ve gone and done it again. I’ve had blogs in the past, but they always died out because I never had the energy and commitment to go through with them, each one petering out after the initial excitement. I hope this one works. To grind this blog into permanency, I shall then post an obituary. The family cat, named by my sister ‘coco- soya- banana- tongkat- blue eyes’ is now no more. He was discovered outside a neighbor’s house two days ago. Cause of death unknown. We buried him in our garden.

So ends the obituary. Now for people I know, though they are most certainly not dead yet. Or at least I hope so. First of all, my Japanese teacher of- what, two, two and a 1/2 years, Yanagida Yumiko, left home for Nara. That one hit me hard… I’d gotten really fond of her. She’s like the older sister I always wanted… plus her departure from my life was just so sudden.

Next came my pal Matt. He’s gone off to NZ to do his degree in science (don’t ask me what kind of science, I totally forgot). He’ll be gone for two years, but I think he said he’ll be back for a holiday sometime in December. Two years of steaks and whatnot… he’s gonna come back double his weight if he ain’t careful:)

Matt and Maori dude

Matt’s the one on the right. Beach shorts in that cold weather?! Here’s the link to his blog, where I stole this pic:

Third in line was Fujitani-sensei… Yanagida-sensei’s former roomie. She too left for home… Okayama, which happens to be quite close to Nara. Another person to visit if I ever make it there again… sigh… I found out about her departure when I called her to ask her out on a date. What luck.

Finally, my english lit lecturer, Miss Shalini. She got a government scholarship to do her doctorate in Aussie. Oh well… good luck to her, anyways. I’ve gotten lazy already(≧∀≦)



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  1. matt is ur pal then i am wad???

  2. i’m a yumiko freinds from malaysia.but i lost contact with her now..can u give me some info about her?

    • I can’t really simply give out her contact details to anyone, but I’ll pass your mail to her and let her decide, that ok? Might take some time for her to reply though.

      Perhaps it would be easier if you told me your name and how you can to know
      her, so she can decide whether to contact you or not?
      She doesn’t recognize your email, and would rather not message someone she’s
      not sure she knows- so it’d really help your case if you forwarded the above

      P.s. Tried to send this to you by email, but failed- *twice*, so if you don’t reply to this within a month I’ll just have to assume that you’re faking all this, and will delete your comment on my post.

      Bye, and thanks for dropping by:3

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