Times Square Outing

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Seriously late but… here it is. What could very well be our final outing with Ming, before she goes off at the end of the month to India to study dentistry. Also our last chance to hear Ming’s normal voice as she’s gonna come back in two years sounding like a now retired works minister:)

So it was the 20th of March, and we went to Times Square. I was last to arrive, because uncle Tan did not tell me everything… “I’ll be there 11am” he said, and when I woke up at 9 I noticed a missed call from Ming… at 8am. Shit. Called her, she said they were already at Central… beh. Rush!

At least I made a grand entrance: From the escalator overlooking the cinema area. Jimmy spotted me first. So it was just the 4 of us: Ming, Alv, Jim, and me. Spent some time taking ridiculous photos with movie cut-outs before going off for lunch.

There. Excellent Ideas for YOUR next outing, no? We then had lunch at this ‘HK’ restaurant beside Low Yat. Some trouble with a funny little ‘rule’ of theirs that all customers who sit in must order something worth at least 2.50. Screwed up nonsense. Never mind that. Went back to TS for the movie: Ah Ling… =.= Ah Long Pte. Ltd. Very nice show. So what if those snotty reviewers say it’s not much compared to his other movies, that it’s just a joke fest (that doesn’t have enough jokes)? I found it just fine. It’s Alvin’s second time watching it, actually, and the nuts gonna watch it a third soon.

Some wandering around after that. Low Yat again, and back to Times Square. We couldn’t decide where to have dinner… drew straws and Alvin won. His choice: Dome. Went there, took a look at the menu, and ran away. So it was Kenny Roger’s. Camwhoring session after dinner, and then we left… as Ming and Jimmy still have a curfew:)

Monorail to Central, where we finally separated. Sigh… Sunway fellas… I’m the only Puchonger. Well, at least Jimmy is a Salak Southerner… he left us at Jamek station:)

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