Marie Digby Live ’08

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S’right… I went to a ‘concert’ of a singer who I wouldn’t recognise even if she happened to slap a lecherous big guy who loiters outside college staring at girls… bleh. Off tangent again. Anyway I really don’t know anything about Marie Digby, except that she got famous for her rendition of Rihanna’s Umbrella on Youtube. And while we’re on the subject, I actually have a video of Umbrella- sung by a guy, and he ain’t half bad:

I didn’t even plan to go. If I did, I would have at least worn something nicer, put on some make-up (OK, kidding there). Seriously, it was an off-the-cuff decision. Did I use that phrase right? Ah whatever. It’s 1:35 AM and I couldn’t care less about the accuracy of my language. So: after sitting in class for an hour or so- less, I think, since I came in late with Bawanie and Lalitha from the cendol stall outside- off I bounced with Jeanie and Meanie B’nie. By the way, they both dissed me for the French Film Festival. So sad… watching a love story alone is even duller than watching a horror movie alone. Not much fun watching with a guy either. I would have gone by myself, actually- but then I asked them and got accepted- then rejected. So there’s now a gap there. So I won’t be going for the movie. How sad.

LRT to Kelana Jaya station with no untoward incidents. Some spice woulda been fun, though. Only fun we had on that journey was seeing an advertisement which showed these big, shiny, red lips… and the word ISTERI above. WHAT?!! Then they told me it was actually LISTERINE. Okayyy…=.=\

Bawanie’s pal picked us up from the station. Blast- I forgot her name (sowwiee~). Terrible habit of mine… easy for her to remember mine, though… she’s had two significant Levin’s in her life (can’t have been better than me, and I was right- one stalked her, I think). I think we passed by the area near the old Lim Kok Wing… reminded me of William’s mamak. Should take the guys there someday…. anyway I got hungry. Arrived in OneU with plenty of time to spare- but nowhere to stand. We started out one floor above, and finally ended up right at the top, 3 floors up, I think. This little corridor beside the rooftop parking area. Wonderful. And I could barely hear what she was singing…. gah…
Marie Digby performing in OneU

We left the moment she (Marie) got off the stage. I don’t really know her songs, but you have to pity her. the applause was loudest when she chose to sing Umbrella. Which isn’t by her. And the audience sang along to that one! Maybe it’s because the other tunes weren’t suitable for sing-alongs, but still… can’t imagine how she feels, coming all the way from wherever she came from, only to be given minimal cheers for her songs, but huge roars of delight for Umbrella and free CD’s and posters… what a bunch of donkeys. She’s probably being paid a satisfying amount of moolah, though… so I guess she’d probably be in a cheerful, forgiving mood. Unless she’s some prima donna who blew up backstage after the show- then I couldn’t care a fig. But until then- blasted donkeys! How dare you!

They dropped us off at the Kelana Jaya station. Parted ways with Jeanie at the turn stalls (that what it’s called? I forget). Nobody harassed us (I told her before crooks won’t dare mess with a married couple- not worth it). Then I waited there for bus U43. The damn thing just wouldn’t show up. I sat-walked-took photos of traffic-chewed on wind until around 11PM. Got worried and called pop. He told me to go to the Taman Jaya station, where he’d pick me up— confusticate it! That’s where Jeanie went! I could have accompanied her back there, meet her aunt (not important but since it could have been doable might as well), and just stretched out at A&W! Instead I had to become mosquito dinner over there- wonderful, just wonderful. So off I went there, and had one little root-beer to console myself, before finally reaching home to a dinner of cold spaghetti. And nearly losing my life on the way home to an old gray Volvo. Not the Volvo’s fault, nor was I driving, but who cares. I do not look forward to a death be some old German car. Or any car, for that matter. Death by SR-71, though, now that’s another matter altogether… still, nah. Dang it I’m pointlessly rambling here without end- therefore I bid thee adios.


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