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May 23, 2008 at 11:25 pm | Posted in Rant | 2 Comments
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Exactly what the title says. There’s this show I really like, らき☆すた(Lucky☆Star), and  I’m into this  character, 泉 こなた(Izumi Konata). Now she’s completely mad about this unique pastry called a ‘Chocolate Cornet’, that I’ve never seen in Malaysia. Here’s what it looks like:

Konata\'s fave

Konata on a cornet^^

No idea where I got the photo from. Sorry to whoever took it for snitching it without giving credit. But I needed a real one to compare to the one I found in a bakery in Sri Petaling:

fake fake fake!

Sakasama no Cornet?

Tell me, exactly what is this? The sign calls it a ‘Chocolate Cornet’. But this thing they have here is just a bun with chocolate poured over it! Lies! Heresy! Burn them to the ground for deceiving the innocent rabble!

Done ranting. Quick summary of today: went to college but didn’t go for tort. See last post for the reason. Instead I went off to Bangsar for dinner, and went to the bakery where I found this disgrace to bakers worldwide. End log.

EDIT: Also posted here on dannychoo.com, one year later^^;


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  1. Chocolate Cornets are better known as “horns” in the west.

    In the west they are filled with cream and sometimes fruit conserve.
    They are often referred to as “Cream Horns” in britain, and usually dusted in crunchy sugar.

    Cornets and Horns are essentially the same thing, a cone of pastry with a filling.

    Hope this was of help to you!

    • Not really, but it’s a nice piece of trivia… thanks:)

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