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Somehow I got dragged along for this movie. Didn’t really feel like going out, especially right after a tiring paper, but I went along anyway. And so I ended up running from Lot10 to Pavilion in the rain. Met up with Ashley and Jeanie there. On to the review: It’s an independent Irish film. Strangely, in spite of what it is, they spoke English. I know they mainly speak English there, of course, but it was a bit of a letdown…

The camera work was terrible at first, but it got better as time went on. Maybe they changed the cameraman. Story wise, this has been done a thousand times. Musician meets kindred soul/new friend/future partner/etc., they make music, decide to go big, happy ending- everyone walks off with a big smile, the end. Same thing here. Odd thing was, there was hardly any substance to it. The movie just seemed utterly pointless, yet somehow… it was rather charming.

Malaysian censors are idiots, but entertaining, as in the case of the movie version of Hitman where they censored the word ‘fuck’ but not ‘fucking’. And in the prerequisite ‘action hero gets the girl’ scene, they somehow let a nipple scene stay put. The heroine’s, not Mr. baldylocks. That was surprising, and had me in fits. Not so for this movie. First scene where the ‘Guy’ gets robbed by a druggie- it was like, ‘hey*bleep*you*bleep*my*bleep*’. Well, I can accept that, I guess. They’re a finicky old lot who lose their reading glasses half the time. But not when they censor a song. Utter dimwits. Probably wasn’t anything anyway. Their children probably curse louder and fouler.

Acting was terrible. The ‘Guy'(Glen Hansard) in particular. Enough with the constant smiles throughout, what are you, honorary member of the Care Bears or something? Plus most of the time he kept saying ‘Brilliant’ or ‘Cool’. Bloody irritating. The ‘Girl'(Markéta Irglová) was better, if a little stiff. I think the best actor in the show would have to be the ‘Guy’s’ hoover fixer dad… or maybe the ‘Girl’s’ daughter. Nah- old codger wins.

Skipping everything else, the music saved the show. Haven’t heard English songs as good as those they had for a long, long time. Definitely better than the nonsense they play on the radio these days- enough to drive one into a bucolic state of mind. No wonder they won an Oscar.


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