Grilled Cheese Toast

June 7, 2008 at 9:08 pm | Posted in Recipes | Leave a comment
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…I’ve been told the content on this blog is rather ‘intellectually high’, whatever that means, or some derivative of that. So to lighten things up, for this post I shall be an *gasp* internet chef.

The recipe of the day is grilled cheese toast. Firstly, you will need a nice square grill, just like mine! Square is better than round ones because bread is not round. Don’t you think they complement each other so?

*delighted squeals from audience*

Now all you hungry children out there, before we go any further, please get your parents permission before you do cook anything. I don’t want to be liable for inciting a case of arson. If your parents aren’t around, at least call the those nice people in the fire department (the ones with the big red truck who like to play with water), and tell them there’s gonna be a big barbecue going on and they’re invited.

*collective groan of appreciation, parents murmur approval*

We move on to the ingredients. You will need a little bit of oil, so the grill doesn’t burn. It sounds like cheating but it isn’t, trust me. Or you could always toss a dollop of butter onto the thing, and wait for it to melt. You’ll need bread, and some simple sliced cheese. Now delicately place the cheese over the bread, and flip it over so the cheese melts a little, and sticks to the bread. You may want to grill the bread separately first- it tastes nicer that way.

And there you have it, your very own grilled cheese toast. Don’t you feel like a master chef now? Give yourself an applause! Yay! Eh? What about the hash brown, you ask? That’s not part of the recipe- twas just my supper.

*audience cheers for chef*

The end. I wonder if this will ever happen again.


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