A Matter of Economics and Free Speech

June 14, 2008 at 12:40 am | Posted in Thoughts | Leave a comment
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Oil prices have increased. A few days after the announcement, I found myself having to drive the car out the porch, with no one to lock it after me (Normally it’s parked outside). Being too lazy to start the thing, drive it out, get out and lock the gate, and get back in the car again, I hit on a novel idea. Well, actually I happened to nudge the car while I was leaning on the front bumper thinking whether to call someone out to help lock it up or just leave it wide open for dogs, squirrels and whatnot to come and mark their territory, but just then it moved backwards, ever so slightly.

Turned out the handbrake wasn’t put up all the way. So I thought, why not push it? And so I did. Was quite fun too- pushing the heavy thing out… now don’t even think I did it because of some “ooo lookie me- I’m so strong I can push a car” complex deep in me. The idea was just rather amusing at the time. Only after I completed the feat did I realise that someone might have seen me and thought I was trying to save fuel. And perhaps sell the picture in to the papers, entitled “a novel way to save on fuel”. And I wouldn’t get anything for my pushing.

Recently the papers reported that the European Union is thinking of banning seafood imports from Malaysia.Normally I couldn’t care less about the country’s economy, but it just happens that that’s exactly where I’ll be going in a few days. So I don’t want any carbuncle encrusted fogeys to cause the currency to depreciate. At least not before I return. Those rotten bollock’ed  fools involved in the local seafood industry better clean up their act, for I shall have my vengeance- perhaps I should further besmirch their name when I get there. Then again, that would again hurt the economy, however limited an influence my individual rantings may have on the Catalan and Roman populace… many times have I wished there would be less idiots who do ridiculous things for the ‘benefit of the country’ only to screw things up. So it appears now I can’t do anything for fear of causing my beloved Japanese imports to cost more.

Damn economics. It’s supposed to make life easier, but right now it seems more like something to hamper the hungry movements of my rambunctious tongue.


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