Distinction between Classes of Separations

June 14, 2008 at 11:28 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 2 Comments

My pre-u has officially ended. Well not really, since there’s still the long wait (sometime this August) for the results. Everything went exactly as expected. I don’t mean exams, though I have no real complaints there. It’s just the mood of the last day, the day of presumed separation…

Actually, there were two days. the 12th, English Literature. Few of us just popped out for some lunch at a chinese kopitiam. Day two was the next, the 13th, Econs. No lunch, but the same, although I was busy organising the Genting trip on Monday. Don’t even feel like going since most of the original group isn’t going. But whatever.

The point is, why was everyone so calm? It’s the last day of college. The possibility of eternal separation, etc.  Where were the hugs, the tears, the softly spoken, soothing words of encouragement, the raw emotion of people who may never see each other again? None of it. Then again, there’s always the Genting trip. And others will have their own excursions. And we are coming back to get our results. And almost every one will be continuing in the same college. So perhaps it’s alright…

If a little disappointing. It was exactly the same thing with Form 5. No- correction- very disappointing. It just didn’t seem right. Why can’t it have been like the separation of NS friends? I don’t care too much for the program, nor was I selected for it. I’ve always been more ‘person-centric’ instead of ‘thing-centric’. Which is why I never cared much for school, or even country. It’s the people that matter to me. But back to the topic. I’ve heard many stories of how the final day of NS was like, how everyone was so emotional, crying at the parting. A short three months, and that’s the result you get. Compare this to 18 months of college, and almost nothing at all.

Maybe college kills. Perhaps all the lectures, assignments, revision classes, exams, just kills everyone. So much so that they’re glad just to get away. I don’t know. The disappointment just leaves me feeling emotionally dead.


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  1. A person lives through their lives by constructing and re-constructing reality. Their reality and yours might just be the perversion of the matter, its really subjective to think that most people actually cared for each other unless its something leveled down on a personal basis. Humans relate to each other varyingly according to level of intimacy. Now,now. Intimacy not on a you-know-what basis but its how we relate to each other. Maybe you would not see it in college because of maybe these factors:

    1. You know and I know we are going to call each other up one fine day and meet up again just like old times.

    2. Many people assume that they are going to see each other again.

    3. Or they just stick with their groupies which they think they are more comfortable with.

    4. After stressful weeks of studying and exams: Don’t you think you want to just get away from it all – other than the fact that you have each other’s contact number and call them out when they are free since its the holidays?

    Meh. Feel free to criticize moi opinions.

  2. Hmm… I get what you’re saying. Not too bothered about the ‘levels of intimacy’ part there, and there’s really nothing to criticize there since it all seems quite sound, but I have my reasons for wanting everyone to break down:

    1. I’m a lot more emotional than others. Not the modern kid ’emo’, but more on the rank of ancient poetical depression at not getting what I want.

    2. That would be my image of a perfect final day. When will I EVER be satisfied? The people in this country probably never will. Maybe I should move somewhere with no telcos, malls, roads… perhaps the Yukon would do.

    …then again I’d probably suffer too. *sigh* gotta endure it, I guess…

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