Genting ’08: A smörgåsbord of Character Studies

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Up we went, but I went down. Two I’d fervently hoped would come couldn’t. That I would go along was inevitable, no matter what turning my depressed mind took, since I was the organiser of the whole befuddled thing. Further coaxing and mistakes due to various forms of brainwashing led me to change my travel plan from staying overnight to just a day, and back to the original.

So it was that I found myself in Genting with nothing more but a toothbrush, a tube of nearly empty toothpaste, an extra shirt, two small packets of tissue, a packed wallet, two pens and a pink highlighter, a useless ATM card with just 72 cents remaining in my account, my beloved camera, and whatever I happened to be wearing.

Bus departed from civilization at 10am. In McDonald’s we had waited for the final member of our motley crew- Raj- who arrived just as we were about to board. Apparently someone had told him to be there by ten or something wrong like that. Never mind.

We arrived in Genting about an hour later. I suppose it was inevitable for them to be drawn to a sign displaying hotel room prices. At this point I was no longer bothered in my original idea of camping outdoors. So not a peep from me as we proceeded to the cashier and a card was swiped. The room turned out fine- twin beds, and a decent bathroom. Beds had two mattresses each, which were dissected into 4, so everyone had something soft to sleep on, if not each other.

I suppose it was also inevitable that I would enjoy myself- trying to be glum in such circumstances would be akin to exiting the orbit of an approaching comet with a sampan. It rained though. How wonderful. Used that as an excuse to go and have lunch. I have to confess that I never cared for any of the rides. The space shot provided an initial thrill, which didn’t last long. The Corkscrew had a lovely 360degree spin and a relaxing cruise. I think the only ‘thrill’ it gave me was a near death by asphyxiation, when the coach stopped just metres before the station. The ‘body-lock’ weighed down on me, and it was hard to breathe. The bumper boat, which I liked, turned out to be terrible. My boat’s engine died 4 times. 4. Out of frustration, I even tried paddling back to the jetty. I suffered a supposedly ‘girl’s only’ injury- broke my nail while trying to restart the engine. One of the best would have to be the teacup ride, though I was skeptical of the ‘baby’ rides at first… I soon found out how wrong I was when I discovered that the ride was mostly man-powered. So there we spinned, faster than the Tazmanian Devil on steroids.

…Cheongie was probably nearly killed by that one. He was in the second-fastest cup.

Then there was the go-kart. I got a slow one and had to suffer seeing everyone overtake me, so instead I whipped out my camera and took a video of the ‘race’:p And then there was the pirate boat. While in the queue, we watched it swing, and swing, and… swing… with no more speed than a baby’s cradle. How soothing. Abandoned it together with Ben. Chris finally overcame his fear of heights to a certain extent when he went on the Cyclone roller-coaster. He rode with this small Singaporean kid though. Was more of the kid taking care of him though… :p good job anyway? Finally, the flying coaster, I think it’s called. We split up there, me leading half the group for a wonderful camwhoring session which I dare say was more rewarding than being tossed in the air while worrying if my specs would fall out of my pocket…

Did I mention that we went out drinking? My first time tasting beer. Disgusting. I’ll stick with wine any day. No choice though, as we had to order something to sit in the bar… to watch the EURO. Not something I do at all, but what the heck. Germany v Austria. At least I enjoyed my football hating self when this Austrian nutter suddenly decided to sink his teeth into the ball before throwing it away. Freakily entertaining. I only drank a cup. The bottle was lovely so I took it back. Wonderful souvenir.

Messaged Bawanie while I was stuck in a toilet somewhere in the middle of the second half at 4.30am. Got a reply around 5.30. It was nice having something to do while sitting on that cold toilet seat. Not that I sat there for one whole hour, of course. I wish they had seat warmers like in Japan…

Back to the room. They all slept, except for How Yuen and me, who wandered off. Had breakfast at the taxi drivers canteen. A ‘loh mai kai’ for 3.50… reasonable, I guess. Had a chocolate bun I’d brought from Central to wash it down. Big mistake. Oily rice+choc pastry = toilet session.

Back to the room. Heard the snores from Shahman and some others. Just stood there with How Yuen, watching them (Raj later said we looked real scary, standing there in the dark over them). How gratifying. Around 7, I woke them up for the sunrise. To be more specific, Lahvee, Cheong, and Mr. snores. Ended up waiting on the wrong side of the mountain, the same as in my previous trip.

Back to the room. Do you see a pattern here? They slept again, while I went into the shower, turned on the how water, and sat under it for some time. Probably more than half an hour. It was then that I discovered that I had a big scar on my right leg, from scratching it earlier… terrible. *yeesh* There was a bottle of feminine wash on the floor. Unlike my previous run-in with it at a friend’s place, I did not mistake it for shampoo, luckily.

Chris, Adeleine, How Yuen, and B-day girl Naomi left early. The rest of us stayed on till 5.30pm. I relearned how to play ‘chor tai ti’. Watched Cheong and Lahvee bowl. Cheong won. I think I was rather screwed up by then. Got my order wrong at Burger King. Ordered two burgers when I could have gotten three for the same price, and got one burger wrong anyway. Both, actually.

Bus arrived at 5.30. I fell asleep someway down the mountain. Let’s see… woke up at 8am on the 16th, fell asleep around 5.45 on the 17th… that’s about 33 hours without sleep. Well done.

For you who read the whole mass of text above, here is your reward:

Worry not, for there’s no need for a facebook account.


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  1. i must admit that my most fun part of the whole trip was when I went Rejang, The Mine Train, and the Cyclone thingy of 6person – no, 7 plus the Singaporean kid. Sigh. I took that picture with that kid but Fuh Yuen didn’t save it. Disappointing.

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