On Crime Prevention

July 31, 2008 at 3:56 pm | Posted in Outings, Thoughts | Leave a comment
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Two days after returning from Italy, we (as in the whole family) went out to watch a movie. Hadn’t done this for some time. No, nothing emotional here- no sobbing “I’ve really missed doing this so much I could cry- oh, I am crying”… Nope. No reason for that. The only reason is that we haven’t gone out for a movie together for some time. Normally family outings meant some park or a drive to a kampung like Ipoh or PJ.

We watched Hancock. I was curious about the movie, and thought it would have been pulled out of the cinemas by the time I got back from Europe. Adam had sent me a message, asking me if I wanted to go and watch it. I was in Rome at the time(=.=)\

Too bad it wasn’t pulled out. Will Smith looks horrible as Mr. Superhero, and a lot better as Mr. Rags. I actually thought that eagle on his cap (or whatever) was bird shit. Oops. I’m sure many others made that mistake too, right? Right? ……

Moving on. Bah. Never mind. I’m blathering on and on about things I don’t really care, so there’s really no moving on. Time to start, I should say. About the title: crime prevention. A rather serious, boring title that I wouldn’t normally care about, no? Something most people who know me would know that I couldn’t care less about. And here I am dedicating a post to it. But I do have a reason for bringing up, albeit a rather frivolous one…

…and here it is. Someone in the movie mentioned that once Hancock was put behind bars, crime shot up by 30%. So would it be safe to assume that if he were out in the wild, crime would drop by 30%? This is in no way related to maths, by the way. 30%. That’s rather low, isn’t it? Especially considering the success of Death Note‘s Yagami Light, who easily achieved a semblance of world peace.

So there you have it. I just drew a parallel to a series I really like in the midst of a boring show. No one cares about this. Neither do I right now, actually. And the world moves on. Good night, whatever time it is.


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