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Snake Eater Japanese Box Art

This one was released like, four years ago? Oh well. It still deserves a post, however, for a most satisfying experience. Yes, I just finished it four years after the rest of the world has, so slow, aren’t I? Not my fault though- I just happened to receive a PS2 recently, and the game was there as well, so I thought I might as well… I suppose all the die-hard fans will be laughing at me for this one- I played the game on Very Easy mode. I hear the snickers already.

But who cares about that? The whole thing was just a bloody ordeal, repeating the same senseless things again and again… then again, that may have been due to the level I played at, and the fact that although this is supposed to be a stealth game, I just kept blowing things up…

Blablabla. This is not going to degenerate into a game review, nor some fanboy’s wild ravings. Who cares about gameplay, graphics and all that? Well alright I do. But not here- this has to be one of the most satisfying games I’ve ever completed. The cutscenes and backstory are excellently executed- I was really feeling for the main character, Snake, as he ( I ) blundered his way through jungles, mountains, and several odd bosses… not something that happens to me often.

The final cutscene was perfect. How often would someone feel empty and dejected upon finishing a good game? That final sequence when Snake went up to the President, shook hands, took his medal, posed for the camera, and all the while… gah. This is definitely movie material. Now who would be the perfect guy for the role? Johnny Depp, perhaps?

…now imagine Depp crawling around a heavily guarded military base in that infamous cardboard box…><


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