Of Bender, Jolie, Bats, and Bikini Lines

August 6, 2008 at 1:08 pm | Posted in Outings | 5 Comments
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My internal calendar has gone haywire, now that I’m currently in a state of perpetual purposelessness, filling my days with tasks that I need not complete, pointless little things to amuse myself, that should be done at leisure. It seems that entertaining myself has become a full-time job now.

I know what day it is- most of the time. As for the date? That’s slightly harder. Never mind- today- specifically, the 16th of July (yes, I know. This post is extremely late. Blame it on the holiday post.) was one break from that routineless routine. I’d called Akil and snagged him for a small reunion, since he’d just gotten back from Aussie and would be leaving a few days later. Couldn’t get any of the girls to go, sadly.

That morning, I woke up, and groggily prepared myself- until my mother, passing by, told me that the car battery had been stolen. Now you’d probably be wondering how such a part could have been whisked away like that… so here goes. My car is an approx. 20 year old steel monster of a Mazda, the kind that town councils use to demolish squatters when their tractors break down. And it has no alarm. Not to mention it was parked outside, since I don’t live in a mansion and thus have only space for one car in the driveway. Sigh. Why today? Never mind- I’d already formulated a backup plan…

So how did I get to where I was headed? Think hard, really hard. Remember those days when we had no license, no mode of transportation easily accessible to ourselves besides our own two feet and perhaps, I’m being generous here, a bicycle? Think, think, think… jam those dormant brain cells ala Jimmy Neutron and… voila!

Got my dad to send me to Sunway. Anyone with parents should have realised this instantly, but ignore that fact and allow me to bask in your assumed daftness. Fine. Being a little mean. Like, sorry=.= Hmm. That last bit sounded a little too bimbotic. Ignore that too.

Walked straight into Alvin. How convenient. No need to waste cash calling people. Geoffrey, Akil. Oops. I was supposed to fetch Joshua from Monash- but with no car… Alv called him but got no answer. Too bad. I wash my hands of all responsibility. Bought tickets for the 2.30 show, that new Jolie movie, the one I dubbed Bender, since it’s about bending gumshots bleh gunshots. An added benefit is that Bender reminds me of that robot from Futurama, which is all good.

Kil called Josh. He picked up the phone this time. Lazing at home. And thus I concocted a most devious plot. Knowing his aversion to physical exertion and heat, I decided to walk over to his place. When he saw us outside his house, with no car, he would have no choice but to drive us all back to Pyramid- perfect. And that’s exactly how it went. Except that we were slightly late for the movie. Probably missed about 5-10 minutes. He kept asking us what movie we were watching, but everyone tried to misle him, blurting out random titles. For some reason I too was affected and kept thinking that we were watching the Dark Knight. And this misconception continued all the way through until Jolie popped up on screen. Whatever happened to Bender(≧∀≦)

Kil had to leave early. The rest of us raided Sushi King for lunch. I noticed that Josh has picked up a bad habit (yet another)… he hit my head for every silly/riduculous/sweetly offensive statement I made. Or was that just one of his old traits? I forget. He said I’m too thin. I suppose… the effects of light meals and strenuous exercise (When in Europe). I like being slender, but I guess I do have to at least try to gain some weight, and get back to normal… right now, if I didn’t wear anything under my jeans (go on, speculate) the world would be treated to the sight of my bikini line. Well, if I had one, that is. Wonder what the male equivalent is… no such thing, I think. Another slap on my head for that one ーー; He said that people would think I’m a girl from behind. So I’m the substitute now? 川 ゚ -゚) Then again this shocked me into remembering something that happened earlier this morning, when I was putting on my shirt, I was struck by the beauty of my figure and the pose I was in. Nice but not right, I’d thought. Add this to my exquisitely slow method of courting, and I’ll be single forever.

More of the usual nonsense. We left, one by one. The end.



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  1. I’m beginning to think that bimboticness is like, an inseparable element in you.
    You might stay single forever probably because you might think that none can ever love you the way you love yourself. And what’s with the skinny-worship?

  2. You have way too much free time if you could comment so soon on this one.
    I thought you were working?
    I don’t love myself at unacceptable levels, girl… I’m no narcissist><

    I don’t know why I even bother. You’re probably not going to notice this anyway.

  3. And here I am, back with a reply. Are you sure you don’t love yourself at unacceptable levels? What’s acceptable to you may not be acceptable to others. Oh come on, there’s no need to be coy about your narcissism. There are lots of evidence of self-love and conceitedness in your blog. :)

    My last day at work was last Saturday. I’ll be back to working soon, next week.

  4. Hmph. I’ll have you know I got the Halo as well. So even if it is so, it’s justified.

  5. Really? I got the Halo too. Now I don’t feel so special anymore.

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