hahahahahahaha… ha. Supposedly the appropriate response.

August 11, 2008 at 2:02 pm | Posted in Thoughts | Leave a comment
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Went to get my results. Normally, one should be a nervous wreck while waiting. Or at least partially maimed. None of that, for some reason. Sadly (or happily?), I didn’t see anyone crying, whether from joy or something that could potentially end up as suicide. Where were all the wailers moaning to their parents that it wasn’t their fault? Where were the neurotic overachievers whose brain synapses snap when they learn that they didn’t get a pretty column of those pointy triangle shaped letters? Come on, don’t tell me everyone in my year was… relatively normal? How dull.

I remember someone saying that a blog should be used as a sort of resume in addition to whatever glorified purpose it currently serves. I don’t think this is what that person really meant, but I don’t really care and I’m just too lazy to pay attention to such trifling details. Here’s one part of my future resume, my temporary results:

English Literature  A(a)
Economics            B(b)
Law                      C(c)

Exactly the same as my A2 results from last year! I suppose the appropriate response should have been a barrage of attraction-attracting insane laughter given the amount of effort I put into studying. But all that came out from between my lips was an ‘oh- so that’s how it is… okay. Moving on…‘ sort of ‘ah’.

Ah. Haha. Ha.

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