The Next Stage, and Examples of Administrative Stupidity

August 13, 2008 at 3:19 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 2 Comments
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College life resumes tomorrow. I thought of doing a degree in psychology, since I assumed it’s the hardest subject I could possible jump into- besides the fact that it’s not law. The major problem with psychol, however (besides the fact that people like to call it psycho) is that I couldn’t find a solid reason to convince my dad to let me take it. ‘It’s the hardest one I can think of, and it’s not law’ is not a reason that makes parents fork out bales of cash, and say, “here you go, son, that’s absolutely wonderful. Good luck”.

So I seemed to be headed towards life in a media related course. I couldn’t be more miserable, since there’s something in my mind that perceives anything related to mass communication as pathetically simple, compared to stuff like law or the sciences. I can already visualize my future course mates garroting me for this statement. Or the potential humiliation and embarrassment should I somehow end up failing the course. Not an option. If I’m in it, failing is not allowed- no matter how much I was against it in the first place.

At first it seemed that I might be sent to UTAR. Which I didn’t really mind until I was told that they were moving to Kampar. A bloody kampung in a kampung. Even Ipoh would be better. Why Kampar,of all places?! I don’t mind moving out of home, but having to uproot myself from a city to a rural backwater doesn’t make much sense. I mean, people from the kampungs are coming into central Selangor, and I’m to do the opposite? What am I, the poster boy for the virtues of rural urbanisation?

Thanks to my solid rejection (and then cold silence), that plan fell through. I didn’t want to go to APIIT either (not because some people call it armpit, mind you), because of their dress code. As I was told: no jeans, t-shirts, or sports shoes. Bloody hell. Formal wear only. The reason? “We want to train our students to be ready for the working environment they will face in the future. As a result, APIIT students have better chances of getting employment” or something like that. You who are reading this, please stand, point at the computer screen, and gawk. A moment of silence to honour the utter stupidity of this.

Huh. Workplace environment? Look here. What is the most important thing when it comes to media related courses? Any mussel brained dimwit should be able to answer correctly: creativity. Now what could stunt creativity more than enforced conformity? I know for a fact that those in the media industry (the creative departments at least) do not have to suffer this nonsense. For them, every day is casual Friday. For all I know, some probably wear coconut shell bras and metal skirts to work. The founder of the college must be some stiff old man. I’m not being sexist here- I assume that if the founder was a woman then she should at least understand that people like to dress up. Save the formal wear for the future workplace. At least the girls have it better, being able to wear skirts, sandals, heels in addition to the usual. We guys will be stuck in the bog of dull shirts, black pants, and leather shoes. Stupid sexist world we live in.

More nonsense was to come. Soon after registering, they called up and I was told that I can’t get a PTPTN loan, because I’m applying with A-levels. What discriminatory nonsense is this? So only those who apply with their SPM or STPM can get government loans? What is the reasoning behind this? “If you go for private education, then you can certainly afford it”? Utter bull. I’m sure there are plenty of people who want to go to UM but can’t because of stupid policies like these. What about those fellas who went to Chinese private schools? They can’t apply too, just because they didn’t go to national schools? So on top of being racist with their quota policies, they are also bringing a new meaning to the word ‘educationist’. Yup. Discrimination based on one’s educational background. Stinky buggers. They can’t screw me though- I have a backup plan, as usual- although I’m not going to write about it here just in case some self-righteous pencil pusher in the Ministry of Education reads this and tries to screw with me again:p



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  1. I’m surprised that your parents support a career in mass media rather than psychology. Isn’t it true that psychology is an up and coming area in M’sia? What with the steady increase of stress and lunatics (whether related or not). XD

  2. Thank you, thank you. Your blog’s pretty neat too. Nice and green.

    As for finding your blog…..I’m always on the lookout for a good blog to read, especially if it’s a friend’s. Sourced from Facebook. *grin*

    That’s what I meant. Usually parents are more against their kids going into mass media/ the entertainment industry, and more inclined toward the sciences/ medicine. Psychology is technically a branch of medicine, and from what I’ve heard, has a good future job outlook.

    Oh well. You do what you have to, I suppose. If you do stick with mass media, I can picture you as a pretty savvy journalist though. ^_^

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