Messy Head Makes the Messiah? Totally Unrelated=.=

August 17, 2008 at 3:19 pm | Posted in Dreams | Leave a comment
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One of my chaotic dreams again. I remember a fight between a group of actors and their coach, and then a short skirmish between one woman and a man against a group of soldiers and a tank. Somehow that bit seemed a little like Motoko and Batou from Ghost in the Shell. More nonsense in the next scene when my dad dropped me off at a factory with a lunch order from McD. I went in, but ended up in a fight for my life with some mysterious creature. Escaped alive, but not before causing bits of the place to blow up. Slowly walked away from the burning building as security personnel walked over to investigate. Next came a police story. A cop was killed. Chased after them. Huh. Can’t imagine myself working for the government… anyway. I shot one perp in the back of his head. That’s gonna cause some trouble, I thought. In real life it probably would. I might get sued by the vic’s family for usage of excessive force or something like that. Huh. Real life worries even in a dream. Remaining perps got held up in traffic. I shot at their car, immobilizing them, then went over and tossed the car in the air. What is this, Hancock?!

It’s all been blood and violence up till now, so this final bit really was a blessing after all that. I was with another guy, sitting in a restaurant. Two girls, Korean, apparently, sat opposite us. We all stared at our menus shyly. The restaurant was deserted except for us. I don’t even remember what was written in the menu. We didn’t seem to know each other, and were for the most part silent, thinking what to order. Time pretty much stood still. I didn’t really mind.

On a side note, my neighbour’s house was broken into. Apparently a TV and some other stuff were stolen. I was home alone at the time, sitting in front of the com. Then again, I probably wouldn’t notice anything even if a giant glow-in-the-dark polka-dotted egg from outer space crash-landed on their roof.

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