Milky Issues

August 29, 2008 at 3:07 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 5 Comments

Voice: “There’s chocolate milk in the fridge”

Me: “Uhuh…”

Voice: “Don’t drink the one that’s…”

Me: “…what did he say? Fuh…

Hours later.

Walk downstairs, open fridge.

See two  cartons- one in lying horizontally, the other upright.

Think logically.

Don’t drink… The one that hasn’t been opened.


Horizontal one should be the opened one.



Hmm. Tastes odd.

Hours later.

Walk back.

Drink again.

Next day. Repeat.

Tastes horrible, for some reason.

Maybe it’s because I drank too much.

Tired of it, perhaps.

Of course.


Voice: “Did you drink from this one?”

Me: “Yeah. So?”

Voice: “It’s rancid. Didn’t I tell you?”

Me: “Eh..”


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  1. Then what happen after that???
    How’s the trip????
    Pic man!!! Pics man!!!

  2. Eh? The Bali trip? It’s all in the post, uncle. Didn’t you read it? Don’t tell me you need photos to understand it, like those kids who depend on flash cards… anyway if you look properly there’s a link to the photos at the bottom of the post. And FYI, you’re probably confusing people by commenting on this post=.=

  3. Miscommunication huh? If only you were as verbose and lengthy in talking as you are in writing.

  4. …and exactly what are you referring to?

  5. Since you didn’t get it, it’s all right then. It’s becoming stale.

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