Of Meeting Kittens, Jumping Around, and a Parang Almost in My BACK!

September 8, 2008 at 11:19 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 4 Comments
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Remember my post on my ‘first-day curse‘ some time ago? Well I just had another first day, but I think the curse has abated somewhat. I suppose it’s because I’m in a law program- the environment is quite similar to that of all those dismal Contract and Tort classes back in BAC. Funny, no? Law-hater that I am, and here I am now sitting for this nonsensical British UOL external LLB degree. Oh wait, I remember now… the real reason for the relative lack of ‘curse-blameable’ incidents and whatnot: most of it has gone into handling the application to the UOL, not to mention PTPTN. Damn all these acronyms. Especially PTPTN… when I say it the blasted thing seems to come out like a ballet dancer on steroids with a healthy dose of amphetamine on the side just to cheer things up a little, and most Malaysian ears (bank people, mostly) just can’t hear it right, even though they should have heard it innumerable times throughout their careers.

A successful PTPTN application requires 3 things, amongst others that I’m not to sure about (well to be honest I don’t know anything about them). I need to go to three banks. Maybank to open one account (No idea what it’s for), B(ank)S(impanan)N(ational)- just to get a PIN number for something, and Bank Muamalat (A bank I’d never have dreamed of setting foot into if not for this, and here I am now with a Muamalat ATM card) for another account. Doesn’t the whole thing just smack of some ridiculous government plot to give banks some extra business? And here’s what happens when we complain to the banks:

You: “Why the heck do we need to go to three banks for this (*&^*%) thing?”
Salaryman: “What to do, government says so…

…and if the manager happens to be around, and he’s a truthful chap, he’ll say:

Manager: “Sorry lah. We’d like to handle the whole thing for you and have more money flow through us, but what to do?

Which on the whole is actually a lot more satisfying than what you’d get for complaining to the government:

You: (exhausted by now) “Why?

Government: “Sir, please understand that we are trying to be fair. This way, more banks will get a hand on the profits. You elected us because we promised to be fair, no?

Note:Oops. Does anyone notice that all three happen to be Bumi banks?
…and if the press gets interested in this here’s what the banks will say:

Banks: <crap. I got distracted and forgot what cynical statement I was supposed to make for them. No matter- someone will think of one eventually. Or several.>


Well, after all that nonsense with the PTPTN, you’d think that you’d get some time off to flop around for a bit. Not at all. What comes next (or before, it’s really up to you which annoying thing you want to handle first) is getting the necessary documents to make an application to the UOL. A little trivia I picked up today: UOL is supposedly among the top 5 universities in the world. Strange. I thought the top 10 were all in Asia. Oh well. Not that I really care- the procedure to go about it is a real pain. I don’t know about other universities, but I’ve taken the liberty to assume that since they’re supposedly amongst the top 5 in the world, the same goes for application to enter them.

Let’s see… we were all told to have our certs certified by the British Council. Just how many BC’s do you think there are in this country? Apparently there’s two, which was quite a shock to me, although it barely makes a difference, since it’s all the way in Penang. I first wen there on a Saturday, and was told that the counter is only open on weekdays. Blast. After all the trouble of trekking there. Went again on Tuesday morning, sometime around 10am, and was told that *drum roll please* the counter opens at 1pm. What a nice job. Whatever happens to the missing hours before that? Is the person who’s supposed to be there munching on those nice hardcover Terry Pratchett novels in the library? Dammit I want that job!

What’s even better is when you come back later and find out that there’s only one counter. I got a nice surprise there though… bumped into Wy Lu and Margaret. I’ve hardly spoken to either of them (Zero with Marg), but it was a pleasant coincidence. It’s a good thing I remembered who they were, or it would have been a little awkward (Remember the Amanda incident? Left me feeling immensely irritated until I recalled her identity).


Well, day one in ATC. I got there a little early- dad sent me there by bike, although I wanted to test the RapidKL bus, since it seems that the bus I used to take to Central goes right past ATC. No matter. Got there with time to spare. Noticed one guy- tall fella with specs whom I seemed to recognise… he was looking at me inquisitively too… took the chance and asked him, “you from BAC?” Spot on. Went up to find out where my class was- for some reason the electronic display got it wrong- I think quite a few newcomers would have been plodding around the second floor, poking their heads left and right and many other directions they probably shouldn’t have poked into, wondering where classrooms K and L were. Turned out the classrooms were on the third floor.

Well well. For such a late intake, it’s reasonably big. Gah. More familiar faces, two whose names I’m not gonna provide just in case they’d feel a little awkward if any BAC’ers found out… and one thing that’s really gonna shock Lizbeth. Just too bad she couldn’t make it today (then again, dropping such a bombshell on her probably wouldn’t be too nice especially since she seems to have had quite a rough day)… guess it’ll have to wait. Although our intakes are only merging in December.

First class of the day was Contract law. Whoopee. It was bloody boring, and no wonder… I still remember quite a bit from A-levels. Intention, offer and acceptance and all that bull. It’s pretty nice here, what with all the tables and comfy chairs. Had the two aforementioned BAC’ers in front of me, and one perky and impulsive girl who parked herself beside me (it’s been awhile since I’ve met a girl who could happily shout ‘fucker’ and then go ‘crap too loud’ while looking totally innocent. They’re pretty rare).

Second class, Public law. Seemed alright, with a bit of history here and there. There was one guy in the back who spoke with an interesting accent and seemed to be the biggest (as in, most commonly heard) voice in class… he was going on about ITT’s during the intro on offer and acceptance (^^ the lect had to tell him to slow down…) I have a feeling we’ll be getting quite a lot of entertainment from him… at some point he was arguing on who the PM was in Britain after Margaret Thatcher, although which Brit politician could possibly trump his Royal Tonyness (Tony Blair, in case you’re still lost), as they call him? Gawd. I may be somewhat of an amateur expert of world history but I’ve never bothered with irritating nonsense like knowing or remembering who happened to be the PM of the UK during the Gulf War. Plus it’s also somehat amusing to hear words most students would never bother with, like ‘despotic’. Oh yes, this is gonna be fun. Sorry man, but you’ve officially become one of my impromptu ‘inflight entertainment systems’.

Took the two BAC’ers to lunch at this ‘food street’ on Jalan Madras. Planned to have the usual Yong Tau Fu but blast… who would have thought they’d be closed on Mondays?! Ended up having this fish ball mee hoon soup (which reminds me, I’ve forgotten Felicia’s pronunciation of mee hoon… it’s so odd/cute) which although quite acceptable, merely left me starving later on in the day.

I was pretty much stoned during the last two classes, Criminal law and Common Law Reasoning. Just too tired and hungry to go on. Talked a bit to the girl beside me, and when she left the class for awhile, the male BAC’er asked me “where’s your friend gone to?” Eh. I didn’t even know her name at that point in time. Teased him back, “why? you interested?” He clamped up. Cih. No fun.

CLR class. Lecturer also happened to be the COO of the college- then I remembered that Aria S. was COO of BAC, and I realised… oh shit. It’s gonna turn into yet another sales pitch. Spot on. We only got on with the class after some time. There weren’t enough modules, and the girl beside me laughed or something (like: haha, too bad). She really can’t seem to control that mouth of hers:) Lect heard her and asked her if she would be so kind as to (or something along those lines) go and get some more, and I (being next to her) was asked to go along with her. I can already imagine the ridiculous rumours and sniggers spreading amongst the more um… oh whatever…  *insert adjective of choice* males of the class- it’s quite normal, I guess. Found out more about her on the way. In keeping with my normal behaviour, I pretty much forgot her name, but not her nickname, ‘Kitty’, which is pretty close to her real name anyway. Kinda reminds me of when Matt first told me about his church… It’s called City Harvest, but for some reason I heard ‘Kitty Harvest’(>∀<)

That’s pretty much it. Just one thing to ruin an otherwise alright day… this happened as I was about to reach the Pasar Seni LRT station- one middle-aged man approched me and asked “tinggal di mana?” Wot. Like hell I’m gonna tell some random stranger where I live. I’m not sure, but I think he asked something about “Pandan Indah?” “Kampung Pandan?” or something like that. When I asked him “kenapa?” while still moving he said something which I really can’t remember like “dua ringgit, kita bunuh orang, boonuh”. More or less. Shook my head and walked away, all the while making sure that no one was charging at me from behind with a mini parang.

Day one ended with a potential, if seemingly distant threat to my life. Made it home safely.



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  1. hey, finally settle on a uni after forever.

    and u heard kitty harvest from me???? …….

    take photos man, i wanna c how thin u are now.

    watch bleach – diamond dust d, good movie and mamma mia wasn’t too bad, its more like hearing the whole ABBA album.

    next time better bring umbrella with u man and aim for the person d _ _ k if any1 coming at u

  2. hahaha…i find d incident at lrt station funny. bt dangerous, i’m taking tht nowadays too. n i hate strangers asking tht ques. like stab or shoot yrself, choose. i’d better think of an answer to answer if any.

  3. mad,

    you forgot about that? I think the memory of it was just so horrible you must have dug out the brain cells in your brain that recorded that info and fed it to some schizophrenic chihuahua.

    No, I’m not gonna take topless photos of myself for you. I look pretty much the same under my clothes… I think-.-|

    Crap. You watched DDR already? On DVD, izzit? I just got my hands on it this morning. Just so you know, there’s a third movie in the works…

    Thanks for the umbrella tip. And there’s no need to censor yourself here.

    Sek Lun,

    you’re still in BAC, right? If so why are you taking the LRT when you live in Klang? Unless you’ve moved over to Subang or something…

    And don’t even bother thinking about an answer. Just MOVE AWAY. You don’t wanna get killed while trying to think of something smart to shoo the fella away.

  4. oh becos d ktm cnt use already so i take bus thn lrt. faster, more comfortable n more expensive.

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