Random Snippet of Wisdom

September 15, 2008 at 9:49 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 4 Comments

Here you go. The elusive secret to eternal happiness, enlightenment, silkier hair, sexier bums, or whatever you wish:

“The Me of yesteryear was a fool.
The Me of tomorrow may be a fool.
But the Me as of now is an unparalleled Genius”

-The Book of Levin

There. It’s the perfect way to maintain a certain degree of humility while attaining a license to- well, I haven’t really thought of a need for it. But there you go. I don’t have to justify my theories to you, do I? Because right now I am exactly what you read I am. The previous sentence felt grammatically odd. But no matter. No need to justify that, either.

Do you see the pattern? It certainly makes for easy living.
Now be thankful, and begin your worship.
Yes I know- I sound pretty conceited here, but… you should get the picture by now.



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  1. When is the bible publication coming out :D?

  2. Gee, that’s sad. Oh well, anything’s possible in the end times. There’s no better timing than the present to be the Messiah that the world needs amidst the chaos, confusion, stupidity and hopelessness. I think there’s still space for another apocalyptic prophet in this world. This mental picture of you with a turban, clad in long robes and long, grizzly white beard keeps popping up in my mind. Disturbing.

  3. Daryl,

    It’s in the works, but don’t expect to see it in your local bookstores. They call these kinda things ‘heretical’. Gotta build up a base of believers first, especially high up in the government. Tactics Xp


    Sad for who? What’s with the stereotypical image anyway? You gotta move with the times- well, maybe guys wearing a turban, clad in long robes and possessing a long, grizzly white beard are your type (I’m flattered, but that’s just not me).

    Why ruin the world anyway? That can happen after I die. Only an idiot would try to blow it up while he/she’s still flipping around it.

  4. i’m utterly speechless… i sense the nearing of apocalypse… lolz…

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