Like, wake up!

September 19, 2008 at 11:21 pm | Posted in Thoughts | Leave a comment

Sometime last week, I found myself standing in Ikea. I saw a girl I thought I should recognise, but I didn’t. She called me. Turned out I did recognise her. Kimberley. Greeted her, and in my state of extreme blurness I asked her, “so, whatcha doing here?”. Simple enough. “Shopping”, she replied. But of course.

…which brought me back to when I was in Spain, and I asked the guy at the hotel reception for some help in translating some Spanish words: “You speak Spanish, no?” Rhetorical question. Answered it myself, “Oh wait. You’re Spanish. Silly me.”

What else is there? Well, get this: I wasn’t planning on writing this. I just forgot what I’d planned to write. Now don’t go on about old age with me- I’m still 19, on the edge of attaining… whatever people aged 19 desire. Whatever.

So the point is…

Well, the current point, at least, is:

Like, wake up!


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