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So I got home from college and my sis happened to mention that this Form 2 fella had gotten 54/55 for the New South Wales English Language Test. I don’t remember what it’s called, but it should be along those lines. Anyway the school’s gone crazy about it (note: slight exaggeration).

I wasn’t really interested, but having nothing better to do (Go figure. 9 more months till finals) the memory of my own short flirt with those Aussie dudes/dudettes (Whatever)… I think I was in the 94 percentile or something (Yet another chance to boast:)). Or not. I didn’t even take it seriously, I think… coloured the blank spots (It was a MCQ paper, obviously) with a blue pen- and got called back during lunch by the principal, who gave me a pencil and told me to redo it…=.=

So anyway the school is delirious. New record for them. Now let’s just ignore their miserable performance in the other papers… Science, Maths… I think they even dropped the weaker papers after a few tries:p

Which somehow ties into what I’ve suddenly decided that seemingly pointless pile of crap should tie in to. Yeesh- I can feel my brain popping all over that previous sentence…

So here goes. I have zero brand-loyalty. Absolutely none at all. I have no problem at all bashing/ridiculing my ex-school, college, or whatnot. I don’t really understand why some of my ex-classmates are so embarassed about admitting they’re from that school (I’m not gonna tell ya’all what it’s called because my dad is being a little protective with my kid sis: no revealing where her school is. Kidnappers and all, you know). Whenever someone asks them where’re they’re from, they say, “I was home-schooled.” Har. And everyone else just sucks it up. I wonder why they even bother. I just say, “I’m from xxxxxx. It’s crap. And it’s probably crappier since I left.”

I’m not trying to inflate my ego here (although I seem to do it all the time). Seriously, let’s look back a few years:

2005> I was in Form 4. The seniors were a bunch of monkeys- the same went for the guys in Form 3. Typical trouble-breeding dimwits, most of them. But generally nice dimwits, none the less. We were sorta like… in the middle. We had quite a few perfects, and several prominent faces (High-ranking positions in student bodies and clubs here and there), plus enough trouble-makers of our own (Who never got in trouble, somehow). Apparently I unknowingly earned a reputation of ‘someone to watch out for’ amongst the fifth formers- nonchalantly went and reported this fella who was on the verge of whacking one pal of mine… Overall, a rather peaceful year.

2006> Pretty much the same except with the ex-seniors gone. Why do I even bother with all this descriptive nonsense? Doesn’t really serve any purpose anyway.

I guess the real ‘presence’ we had in the school was as a sort of regulator… every time the school tried jumping something new on us (New rules, revised fees, stupid programmes, basically just screwing with us, etc.), we marched over to the office and had a mini protest. Not just that either. I was never to bothered to notice, but Chipmunk was right… with our vibrant insanity, everyone else just seemed to paled in comparison.

Blast. Looks like I’ve sidetracked myself. Whatever happened to ranting about my lack of brand loyalty? Next time, I guess. Geh- this better not happen in an exam question=.=”

p.s. Apparently the current principal said that he doesn’t mind “spending a 1000” on “installing hidden cameras” in the school. Heh. If we were still there he’d wet his pants apologising during assembly for violating students privacy:)


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