Pregnant Delusions

October 2, 2008 at 11:31 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 3 Comments
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Smells hit me hard these days- I really don’t know why. I was at a open-air hawker center with my dad and some other relatives when a familiar scent wafted its way, uninvited, into my lungs- and it hurt. This has never happened to me before. Two smokers on my left, and yet another respiratory assassin behind me. Normally I just get disgusted with the smell and bear with it, but not this time- it got so bad that I got up and left the table.

Last time I checked, an increase in the effectiveness of one’s sensory functions is one of the side effects of pregnancy- correct me if I’m wrong- along with things like craving certain types of food, sudden breast growth (Doesn’t sound very scientific but it’s something like that. Clarification please, womankind?), and the like.

I do crave for food sometimes. Like sometime last year, I had the sudden need to have Pizza- walked halfway around Brickfields before giving up, whereby I then hopped on a train to KLCC. Then again, I don’t crave for strange things like rubber, frog hearts, paper, etc, so I guess I’m safe on that one. What about breast growth, then? I’m quite delighted to report that I’ve always been flat-chested, and hope to remain so perpetually.

And with such thoughts darting around in my mind, can anyone blame me for suddenly thinking that the acronym for Bandar, Bdr, stands for Breast Development Rate?


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  1. Correction: heightened sensory functions is just one possible side effect.

    Also, the food cravings do not have to be strange, it’s just exceptionally notable when they are.

    As for sudden breast growth…..tenderness in the breast area, especially the nipples, comes first I think, which is kinda the precursor to the breast growth making it not all that ‘sudden’ anymore. The breast growth is actually to accomodate lactation.

    That said… have a very strange mind. O.o

  2. Thank you. It’s a comment I frequently get, in various forms. And I wasn’t expecting a detailed answer to my question, but it sure is interesting… I’ve forgotten most of my SPM bio knowledge:p

  3. Haha. Well, you should take it as a compliment – strange usually equates to interesting.

    O.o Was this part of SPM bio? If it is, then you probably recall more than I do. What I mainly recall from SPM bio is whatever Qs were in the ultimate exam, more specifically: the potato strip experiment, and the movement of the lungs during inhalation/exhalation. =.= Sad case.

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