Requiem for an Emperor

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The Emperor and his Witch

The Emperor and his Witch

I finished watching Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 yesterday, after three sessions of four episodes sometime last week, the subsequent fifteen on Wednesday, and the final five yesterday (Here’s a summary of the finale). It’s been great, really, notwithstanding the news that director Taniguchi Goro came out saying that he couldn’t finish the show the way he wanted to due to ‘scheduling difficulties’ *cough*, and a, to some extent, expected ending reminiscent of Death Note‘s.

So what do we have here? Nothing, I think. I am left in a temporary void. I’ve been waiting for the second season for ages, and it’s gone almost as soon as it fell into my hands. Have to blame my own insatiable greed for that, I guess. What other show do I await now? Nothing. I have two Code Geass games in storage, but now that the second season is over, I really don’t feel like playing them anymore. Emperor Lelouch vi Brittania is dead. So is anything related to Code Geass, at least for me.

It’s odd… in the beginning, I didn’t like R2. I think I can blame the character of Rolo for that. He was a put-off, for some reason. No matter. It just got better and better, although I couldn’t help but notice how rushed everything was. Quite surprisingly, the one character I never thought I’d come to dislike was Nunnally (Come to think of it, I’ve never cared much for her), especially since she was so easily duped by Schneizel. Suzaku, that idealistic death-seeking tairyoku-baka was someone I could never stand, what with that irritating mouth of his constantly spouting crap like “I’ll change Brittania from the inside”, but he eventually earned my forgiveness with his participation in Lelouch’s Zero Requiem plan.

Speaking of which, damn that plan. Why why why?!! I suppose it had to happen- it was after all, probably the one way almost everyone could be made happy, with the exception of Lelouch’s sister Nunnally, and Suzaku, who got his just rewards by having to live out the rest of his life as Zero. These kind of endings just come to you, I guess. It’s like Death Note, where a world with Light as supreme ruler, although appealing to the Light fanbase, just isn’t a shocking/entertaining enough conclusion to a superb series.

The ending does remind me somewhat of God Emperor of Dune, where Leto Atreides II turned himself into a living god and purposely directed the hatred of the universe towards himself for humankind’s own good. I can’t help but wonder if Taniguchi was influenced be G.E.D during production of the show. Back to the point (Was there really one, for that matter?)…

I wish. Yes, I suppose that’s the reason I’m really writing this post. I wish that Lelouch had somehow gotten the code for immortality, and will spend the rest of his neverending life with C.C. I wish that he could have remained Emperor. I wish that he is not a mere voice in C.C’s consciousness. I wish that the world wouldn’t hate Lelouch. I wish that… Sunrise will never, ever make a sequel to R2, despite everything I’ve just said, no matter how odd that sounds.

The title of this post is Requiem for an Emperor, and so it shall be. What better than the second season’s second ending theme, わが臈たし悪の華 (Waga Routashi Aku no Hana, full lyrics here) by Ali Project?

濁世は鬼 正義は何ぞと



ああ我は麗し 全智
愛の母 君を産む

黙示の印 真理は何ぞと

Eng. translation:

The corrupt world is a monster; “What is justice?”
Struggle against it before you ask that, oh wicked flower
Gaze at the eyes that look to a hypocritical dream
There’s no such thing as being able to distinguish between holiness and evil

Light ceases; like a fetus
You sleep in the womb of darkness
Indeed loneliness is dear
It’ll become your sole ally, right?

Smear them one by one with blood
Being born into this period,
Oh, chosen princes
Indeed fighting is a banquet

Ah, I am a beautiful omniscience
The mother of love gives birth to you
What nurtures you in this milk
Is your brethren of hell

The mark of a revelation; “What is the truth?”
Without even knowing that, the seed is buried and concealed
With a double-edged sword, turn your sword on a pulled sword
Only believe in the things that you must protect
You release yourself as you are

Goodbye, Lelouch. I probably sound like some teary-eyed fangirl. But do I look like I care?



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  1. Sometimes, there is such a thing as coincidence.

    I just discovered Code Geass recently, and here you are blogging about it. Just…wow. In any case, Code Geass is great. I’m at episode 16 right now, and loving it.

    Forgive me for not reading most of this entry though – I’m avoiding the spoilers. What I got out of it was: there’s a 2nd season. Whee~

  2. Excellent! Code Geass is really a show you should watch in a marathon- somewhere in between the 15 episode dash, I tried to get some rest but my mind kept coming up with all sorts of ridiculous situations in my dreams, and I kept waking up thinking “Nonsense~! Noo!” and was left with no choice but to continue:p

  3. Agreeeeeedddddddddddd…. Code Geass is a super great awesome anime…
    The best anime that i have… i owned roughly around 200Gb of Anime n this is just the BEST one… I really hope that Lelouch is still ALIVE… n hopefully there’ll be the 3rd season… hahaha… ALL HAIL LELOUCH….

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