Random Snippet of Wisdom 2

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Think hard. If you were told that to achieve ‘enlightenment’ you must rid yourself of all your flaws, would you take the chance? Logically, if everyone were to achieve such a state, we would all be trapped in a constant, stagnant world- one devoid of everything that makes life worth living. It’s the same thing as a state of disconnected immortality, where an immortal being watches the world turn, impassive… such an existence is no more than mere experience, and does not amount to living. Should we then not embrace our flaws? A perfect realm filled with like-minded individuals would be a form of hell, unless of course as one of the ‘enlightened’ you do not care any more, content to exist in a universal pack of domesticated wolves. Take your enlightenment- I wish to live in interesting times.

-The Levin Commentaries

Nothing more than random thoughts that flew through my mind as I listened to this free talk on an alternative healing/therapy process called the ‘Journey’ that I was dragged along to. It’s not like I could help it, what with all that talk about achieving a ‘God-like’ state through the purging of one’s character flaws (For example, a fear of public speaking).

Another interesting thing I picked up was the concept of guilt-induced illnesses. It’s not really something groundbreaking, just that I’ve never paid much attention to it, nor have I ever bothered to relate it to myself. The speaker told this oft-heard story (Just change the variables to fit the version you’ve heard) of someone who had a tumor, and after therapy, discovered that her tumor was gone once she’d come to terms with past troubles. Yadda yadda yadda. It hit me then: I’ve always been pretty confident that I’ll probably never be inflicted with a major illness. Simply put, it’s just pure ego.

Bored to death, I thought that I might as well try and relate it to myself- and here it is: I don’t feel much guilt, anger, or whatever. They just come and go. Oh, familiar ones might pop up now and then, but it’s always something new, something fresh. And it just washes of. So there you are. My quirks basically guarantee me a health-related disaster free life. Yet another reason to subscribe to the Church of Levin:p

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