I’m over here. What are you looking at?

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Josh came over to interview me for a journalism assignment of his about a week ago. I didn’t really get what it was about, something about ‘how everyone is special and yet the same’ or some kinda apparently deep nonsense like that. I didn’t really know how to deal with it, so I didn’t. Just ignored it and went on with life until it popped along.

I think the hardest part was directing him to my house. The fella drives way too fast- practically zero hand-ear coordination. With much patience (and a fair amount of luck) I managed to fish him over. Home wasn’t exactly the best place for an interview- room in a mess, busybody sister in the way- so I dragged him along to a nearby cafe. Even though dinner was on its way home, and I’d eventually have it cold *sigh*

I ordered an ice-cream. The picture looked nice, but was quite different from what was plopped down in front of me- well, not really different, just… tiny. For 2.90 I could have gotten myself a Magnum or something. At least it had an a chocolate wafer and an Oreo in it. Right. Josh took the Oreo anyway, so it didn’t really matter. Oreo or no Oreo, it was a rip-off.

“We’ve been rather scared to buy Oreos recently,” he said. Ah yes. The melamine issue. I told him, “call them lah. The number is on the packaging.” Deja-vu? I remember a few years back someone mentioned that chips can cause cancer (as we were eating it, no less), and I told whoever it was to call them up and ask. “Hello, but do your chips cause cancer?” We never did call. Remembering that incident, I added, “although they’d probably tell you ‘sir, if you’ve seen our advertisements, you’re supposed to dip the biscuits in the milk. We don’t make the milk’.” Typical marketing response, no? He asked, “Oh yeah? So what is the cream made from, then?” Ooo. That’s a toughie. I thought on it a little, and confidently replied, “vanilla.” I don’t know why we found it so funny. Is it?

On with the interview. I don’t have a transcript of it, but having done some psychology in his degree he was reading between the lines. Imaginary lines, I should add. It’s quite a lousy metaphor, anyway- whatever is in  between is the line before it. Common sense. I’m pretty sure psychology doesnt’ apply well to me. For others, perhaps. But not me. No matter how odd/’mysterious’/strange my thought patterns/behaviour/personality may seem to be, the core is quite simple. Psychological theories are better used for mass mobs, people in need of help (fragile psyche=easy reconstruction), or making money. That’s it. For people with a pretty clear grasp of what they are, it’s nothing more than an amusement/momentary irritation.

After we were done, he told me that he kinda expected that I’d give him some good material, and yet annoy him at the same time. And that he was glad that we did this, because he feels that he understands me more. Which was all quite paradoxical. Josh, you reading this? I think all I’ve done is confuse you. I suppose this looks like a public apology. It isn’t. I’m waiting for the transcript, so think of this as spam that will probably never reach you.

So all we’ve actually learned from this is that cream is made from vanilla. Pretty good, eh?

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