Utterly Pointless Movements, Disappearing Targets and Thoughts on the Past

October 29, 2008 at 12:37 pm | Posted in Thoughts | Leave a comment
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Watched three matches of the Denmark Open last night (two nights ago, actually). I haven’t played badminton for some time- it’s supposedly my favourite sport, since it’s the one competitive sport I’m actually good at (in a proper fashion, too). All I could ever do in football was kick the ball in a startlingly straight line at high speed. Once, the goalkeeper ran off, one monkey who was hanging from the goalpost swung away in terror, and the ball flew through the non-existent net and hit this guy square in the stomach. Knocked the wind out of him. As for basketball, all I can do is shoot- was nice playing it with the girls. Not so with the guys- irritating dribbling kangaroos:p

Malaysia’s women’s doubles actually won. Which is pretty amazing, in case you didn’t know. Who would have thought it would happen? I’m not the most patriotic of people, but I do support the Malaysian badminton team. Don’t die on me now- that statement doesn’t warrant a case of sudden heart failure. At least it shouldn’t. I do support them, but I don’t cry or sulk when they lose. And what happens when a Malaysian is not on the field/court/bed (just kidding)? A simple, and very human answer for this one. Whichever guy/girl who looks better/prettier ought to win. Nuff’ said XP

Watching the Open, though, I recalled my time in school when I was nuts about the game… we played at least once every week, and after final exams, pretty much every day, for hours on hours. I remember playing with that fella Kevin, who just hit power smashes- and for some reason I went along with him and did the same thing. Somehow, I rather enjoyed the pointless expenditure of energy. Loved that 5 point match we created, where the loser is replaced by another- I remember dominating for around 20 straight matches before screwing up. Something to brag about:p Then all those matches with Tommy- always nonsensical, but quite alright when he wasn’t in ‘siao‘ mode, where he kept hitting everything way out of court while laughing insanely. Quite irritating, that. As for our more normal matches, they tended to play out like this: I win first set 15-0. Break for 15 minutes. I lose second set 0-15. Break for 15 minutes. I win third set 15-0. Nice, eh?

I never bothered about the basics of the sport beyond the obvious rules, at least. I had odd moves like the tennis-like cross-court swipe, or that weird serve of mine which just barely sent the shuttle tiddling over the net- we never did find out if that one was legal. Oh well. Point is, I was busy doing crazy things of my own creation, like incorporating Kendo moves like Battou Jutsu (抜刀術) or Gatotsu into my play; or inventing moves like my long-winded ‘360° backhand spin smash’ (For some reason, this seems like a variation of ‘Spinzaku’. Go Google it). Quite hard to pull off, that one, since the shuttle and the player need to be in the right position, and the move usually comes out unplanned through reflex. And all the while I ignored basic stuff like footwork=.=”

I feel like playing again. Then again, I’m also to lazy to- quite a difficult paradox. I’m quite happy that I still remember how to play- managed to slowly dredge some moves out of muscle memory in my last serious session with the other BAC’ers some months ago, even getting a chance to revive the ‘Spinzaku’. Thanks for being the sacrifice for restoring my skills, guys ^^ I’m not particularly inclined to return to the court, though. If anyone calls me, I’ll just say that my racquet has a hole in it, dating back to 2006, I think. What I won’t say is that it’s still capable of delivering one hit KO’s, although sometimes I might accidentally pull a ‘shuttle warp’ stunt, where the shuttle just disappears… alright, it gets stuck in the strings sometimes. That’s it. Now back to bed. おやすみ.


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