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Cousins wedding dinner, KL round

Cousin's wedding dinner, KL round

I know this is late by, half a month or so, but who cares. See that photo above? That’s my cousin (mom’s side), Lina, and her husband, Alan McD. That’s right, he’s a Scotsman. Congrats, girl. Don’t makeAlways good to bring more blood into the family. Sheesh- that sounded rather vampirish(;=Д=)

I think it was on a Friday. Yup, October 17. I’m not really fond of formal events, the dress code and protocol being major problems, but this being a family event the latter part wasn’t so bad. As for the former, I managed to dodge it with my a pair of new (and hard, yeesh) jeans and that cherished striped shirt I got in Japan… gotta take good care of that one- they don’t make them like that here: long-sleeved, cuffs, spread-out collars, cutting for an hourglass figure (yes, I know, that’s more common with ladies wear), zero pockets… practically impossible to get in this country. Now go and find me some:)

I was in quite a pickle. Call it a self-dug hole, if you will. Thanks to my fragile genetic make-up I sweat easily, and thus could not possibly wear it all the way, since I had to attend tutorials first, from 1pm to 5. Not to mention the very real threat of rain. Couldn’t stuff it in my bag- it’d become a mess… so I had to get a separate bag. A real pain. Which meant that I’d have to find a bag that looked and felt nice enough to carry, and the right size as well. Luckily I’d kept that paper bag from JR Isetan (you know, those chequered bags). My habit of keeping pointless yet pretty/interesting things finally paid off:p

Was ordered to go to KLCC and wait at the bus stop. Rush hour… haven’t been squeezed like that for some time(=.=”) Was afraid my bag would get ruined, but it came out fine. So did I. Eh- priorities mixed up? Waited like forever. Twas a good thing the rain had stopped. Watched taxi touts fleece tourists. They (rest of the family) arrived around 8pm. Late by an hour due to the horrid traffic. Could have walked there, actually- Saloma Cafe was just down the road. Luckily, the matrimonial duo were late themselves:p Wandered around, meeting relatives, some whom I’d no recollection of at all.

Lina looked pretty in her wedding gown. Couldn’t say the same for Alan’s baju Melayu. It looks the same as any other no matter what you do to it- not much room for creativity there. Typical Malay marriage ceremonies, with pantun, some kompang, family members and select friends splashing perfume on the couple, etc… plus one fella with a bagpipe. Strangely, he wasn’t Scottish. Food was average- was laid out before we entered, under a cover. Should have been done Chinese style, in multiple courses… though I heard later that the other wedding reception held back in Terengganu was a lot grander. Better food too. So I guess tonight’s was just a get-together or something. Oh well. I’m still hungry. And my sense of time is getting screwed too. Pause for tea…

Back. And out of things to say about the event. Something nearly unrelated while I think, a recent conversation with Elizabeth, ad-libbing from memory, it’s generally right:

She: “Eh… is xxx (censored for privacy) a guy or girl?”
Me: “…look at your chest and tell me.”
she laughs
She: “You ah… but seriously, sometimes I can’t tell.”
Don’t know what happened, but talk turned to women and skirts, then
Me: “My cousin married a Scot. Intro some to you?”
She: “Ceh- I have gwailos in my family too lah… no need for yours~”
Me: “Those I know wear skirts. Can teach you something about women.”

Doesn’t seem to make much sense. Damn my faulty memory><

Never mind that. Question before I end: Assuming you want to marry someday, how would you like it to be? Traditional? Or in a church? Or something wild? I’m talking about clothes, and not the ceremonies and all that claptrap. Talk to me:

OK, I confess. I just wanted to try out this new function. So cut me some slack and answer, yeah? Here’s the full photo album: JAB THIS.

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