Lethargy is in these days

November 15, 2008 at 2:21 am | Posted in Thoughts | Leave a comment

As you can see from the title I’ve been really lazy lately. Yes, lazier than I usually am, which is quite an achievement. How many months left to finals, eh? And I haven’t really done anything yet beyond the usual routine. I think it’s the commute- it just kills me, having to drive to the station, walk to the train, stand in the train, walk to college, repeat, repeat, repeat…

So to entertain whoever has been popping by while I’m off on my sabbatical, here’s a video to entertain you. Recorded it off a Harvest Moon GBA game. I’m playing as the girl. In this game one of your tasks is to get married- I didn’t really like any of the guys and would rather have targeted one of the other girls instead, but I had to choose one, so I went with Mr. Daniel Boone Jr.

But before that, of course, I had to toy with their affections:p
It’s quite surprising, actually. This is my most popular video on Youtube, with 3700 views and 60+comments. Nothing compared to those vids out there which get millions of hits, but still, it’s a small achievement that I’ll gloat about for some time, so bear with me:)

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