Slip of the Tongue Award for November ’08

November 28, 2008 at 8:22 pm | Posted in Thoughts | Leave a comment

The Slip of the Tongue award for the month of November 2008 goes to *drum roll please*… none other than me! Although you probably expected that already. It happened in class, when the lecturer was explaining about how a client may sue the lawyer when the fella fails to refer to the Hansard… yeah, boring stuff- I know that all too well. Here goes:

Kitty: “Lev I thought only judges can use the Hansard?”
Me: “No- what she means is that if the lawyer screwed up your case by not referring to the Hansard (i.e. while the judge did), you can basically screw the lawyer for neg- gah, sue the lawyer for negligence.”
Kitty: “…so… you can screw the lawyer is it?”

After a slip like that it’s a little hard not to think about anything else. I don’t suppose she was visualizing the whole ridiculous scenario…

“You dolt! I paid you millions of dollars and you screwed the case up?! Now quit yer yapping and start your stripping- time for me to screw you!


And just in case you’re wondering, I wasn’t talking to a feline. Law is so boring that it hurts, yes, but it hasn’t drove me wonkers. Yet. Kitty here is the kitten I mentioned waay back in this post. I do not talk to cats- unless of course you consider yourself one…

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