Tis’ the eve of December, I’m running low on dimes

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November 30, the Eve of… December. Thought I was going to blurt out some delightful event? Not that I really celebrate anything, for that matter. Anyway, Matt came back about a week ago, but this was the first time we went out together since then, as he’d been off to Singapore for a church trip. One problem: Alvin called me on Friday, inviting me to a free movie courtesy of Ti Ming (Ling’s brother). Haven’t seen the fella in months (the sister in more than a year, though it’s not like she would have went). I thought of combining that trip and mine, which only led to more problems…

I was supposed to go with Matt to church (yea, think of me as an observer of religions), but I was too tired from last night’s viewing of Higurashi no Naku koro ni Kai, and when he called me up around 9 in the morning, I had to turn him down and go back to sleeeep zZz :P

Eventually I managed to drag myself out of that soft, fluffy heaven and got ready. Had a light breakfast, and went off. Parked the car at the usual place, near Joshua’s house. Past 12, but the fella was still in church. I was carrying his PS2 and was in no mood to lug the thing all over Pyramid, so I decided to wait in the car. Sat on the bonnet and tried to enjoy the light wind, but it was bloody hot. Blasted Malaysian weather.

I waited and waited… got fed up and messaged the fella:

Moi: “Matt- outside Pyramid now. Where to meet you? Reply quick- damn hot here”
Him: “Sorry man, I’m still at church. Yeah, meet u at medan for lunch.”
*missing message*
Him: Kk, go pyramid first, having lunch. I think Jimmy is there d.”
Moi: “Where the hell is medan? Indonesia? =.=\ Just call when you arrive in Pyramid. Waiting in car, near Josh’s place”
Him: “Lev, what are you doing?”
Moi: “Where are you? Waiting for u to reach Pyramid. Waiting at car. Credit running low d”
Him: “Then come quick to church. have lunch here.”
Moi: “Wha?! That’s what you meant by medan… Nah, you eat there then. Geoff coming to meet me d.”
Him: “You sure, come join us. please.”
Moi: “Fine… but I gotta wait for Geoff”

Gah. So actually he meant that he was having lunch at the church cafe. Confused me with that ‘go pyramid first, having lunch’ message. In the meantime, I tried calling Jimmy but failed; Geoff called me and we arranged to meet at my car; and Alvin called to say that he would be late as he had to go to the airport first. Just in case, I asked “Which airport? Subang or KLIA?” Subang, luckily. Phew>.<“”

Anyway, Geoff came to pick me up, and we went off to Matt’s church- met Na Young there. Lunch, which Matt said he’d pay, although I didn’t see him do it (we left anyway)- quick photo session with Na Young, and off to Pyramid……

……Where we met up with Alvin and Jimmy. Some discussion- on whether we’d be able to get extra tickets at Cineleisure Damansara. Geoff said no: Sunday + stupid kids movie (Bolt) + parents = zero chance. And Ti Ming only had 4 free tickets. Put off the decision till later, but not before Geoff remembered that he had something to do at home, and we split up: Jim and Alv to a nearby cybercafe, and the remaining three to Geoff’s place. First time in Geoff’s house. Pretty normal, but you gotta hate him for  that com he has=.=” Stayed there for some time, and it was finally decided that Alv would go for the Bolt with Ti Ming, while the rest of us would watch Quarantine. Couldn’t think of anything else to watch.

So Alv disappeared, and the rest of us hit Pyramid. Passed by a great big Christmas tree, and ever alert as usual, I sniffed a photo oppportunity. Too bad there were no girls in our group>.<

Had some guy take this pic for us, and I must say that he did a pretty good job. I took a good photo of Geoff and Matt (considering my shaky hands), but Geoff screwed up the ones he took>.< More photos here. Went to buy the tickets, and then hit Giant for some snack shopping. I think they overdid it- I took no part in this exercise of greed. Dinner was next- we had a hard time deciding, but we ended up in Pizza Hut. Took a set for four- the group’s greed had lessened somewhat;) Service was terrible, as usual. Can’t be helped, though, especially when there’s no minimum wage law and they’re only being paid RM3 per hour. According to Matt, they’re paid 10NZD over there…

I took this. Geoff on my left

I took this. Geoff on my left

Terrible service aside, the soup was lovely as usual. Geoff shares my love for pepper (and lots of it) with anything that has that four letter word in it’s name. Pizza Hut was kind enough to provide both white and black pepper… we poured away happily ever after:) Just too bad there’s no more free flow of soup like in the good ol’ days…>.< Not to mention no C.C:p Geoff told us an interesting story about that girl he introduced me to in APIIT on that one day I was there, Soo Hwah- once while he was having lunch with her he mentioned that he loved pepper in soup, and she unscrewed the shaker and poured everything in.@.@”

Movie after dinner. Something happened on the way there which I won’t even bother to mention (although I’m mentally whipping your desire to know what), for various reasons. The movie (Quarantine) was fine, although with one jarring plot hole: at one point in the show, three men in HAZMAT suits entered the closed-off building. One of them was shown to be holding a rifle. I’m not sure if the guy with the rifle went in, but they all died anyway. Like, what? You know the building is filled with potential infectious cannibals and you send your men in with nothing but needles?! Something stinks, especially when they’d already lied to the public that the building had been evacuated. Obviously, they planned to kill off everyone in there- so why not get your samples and shoot everyone while you’re at it? Doofuses. Another bug: when the policeman got infected, he told the others to ‘run away and leave me’. Huh. Now why didn’t anyone take his gun? And so they ended up with no weapons but a sledgehammer and camera. Pretty smart.

Cybercafe. Met Wai Lam there- he left soon after. Geoff sent Jimmy home, leaving Matt and me. Stayed there for a couple hours before I sent him home. Reached home approx. 1.30AM- everyone was sleeping. Good thing college was having it’s convocation today (Monday), so there were no classes. Slept in till past noon.

Posts on outings generally aren’t very interesting, but it ends with this- with all of Geoff’s talk about Soo Hwah, I can’t help but feel myself being drawn to her. I’ve a liking for strange people, and she kinda fits. I don’t want to, but I feel hormones stirring… Geoff seems intersted in setting up a date between the two of us. Bereft of a clear mind and a coherent mental location to work from, I am completely lost.


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