How to respond to a “Nipaa~?” for Dummies

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Little kid all grown up?

Little kid all grown up?

Just finished watching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai. Who cares if it came out centuries ago- I’m still gonna do a mini review, because I have absolutely nothing better to do (not really, I could be studying), and this will help relieve the boredom somewhat.

First thing I thought was- why do the characters look so… so… well… hmph. Can’t think of a specifically artsy word to describe it’s artistic failings. The art just wasn’t satisfying, but I guess that can be excused, as it’s based on a doujin game- can’t really expect high production values from them.

Season 1 had 24 episodes. The main character, Maebara Keiichi (前原 圭一), died in episode… 4. People! 20 more episodes to go? What’s going on? Ahh, of course. This is based on a game with multiple endings. Of course. That makes sense. Sometime later, it was revealed that the reason the story was retold in different ways several times was due to the fact that the shrine maiden, Furude Rika (古手 梨花) was being continously killed and resurrected in different worlds. So each time she is reborn, she tries to figure out why she’s got such crappy luck… Hmm. Confusing but understandable.

Speaking about Rika, that girl is pretty disconcerting, what with that weird phrase of hers which she likes to spew out during serious moments: “Nipaa~!” Har?!  The characters themselves are pretty good. There’s the former crybaby trap-loving abused-by-uncle kid Houjou Satoko (北条 沙都子), green haired twin sisters Sonozaki Shion and Mion (園崎 詩音, 魅音)…

The secondary characters are pretty good too, like retired Yakuza Kasai Tatsuyoshi (葛西辰由), super-authoritarian town matriarch Sonozaki Oryou (園崎お魎), who is later shown to have a soft side as well, and… Akasaka Mamoru (赤坂衛)… he turned into some sort of karate god in the final episodes (laughs)=.=;

Excellent tying up of loose ends in this show. Things that seemed weird gradually made sense, with everything falling into place at just the right moment. The ending was a little confusing, though… who was that girl who showed up? She looked like an older Rika (no more nipaa, huh)… and why was she talking to a young Miyo (villain of the series)? What? How? Why? Confused. Started a thread over at where I got a few answers- haven’t bothered to dive into them yet, though. Sometime soon>.<”

Higurashi deals with some pretty serious themes… murder (and dismemberment), torture, abuse, corruption, and plenty of conspiracy theories thrown in for good measure. Definitely not for kids, softie parents, or officials with nothing better to do. Go watch Mr. Magoo.



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  1. Hey, you do a pretty good review. Not giving away too much, but analyzing it rather thoroughly. My brother actually told me to go watch this, but….it just never really called to me. Reading this, it doesn’t seem like my type of show (not that I admit to being a kid, softie parent or loose-ended official. XP).

    Is this a show you would recommend to your friends though?

    • Thanks- although I wasn’t exactly satisfied with it. The show is quite alright, although I wouldn’t rate it along the likes of Geass season one or Nana. Good watch, but no need to force yourself to watch it- you won’t be missing a memorable epic.

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