Brief Update: December ’08

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Pretty, no?

Pretty, no?

First things first. If you’ve been here before you’d probably have noticed the new header. I’d liked the original header provided with the skin, although I’d always had plans to make my own one sometime in the future. Another thing- ever since I saw it on someone else’s blog, this feeling of, well, utter crappiness just set in and the more I looked at it the more I hated it. It had to go, immediately. And this is the result. Nice, eh? I didn’t draw it myself- cut it out from the wallpaper in the picture above. Would provide a source, but I got it a an eternity ago and have no idea where it came from, so too bad.

Mock exams are coming. December 16 to 19, I think. Luckily (I suppose) since I’m in the September intake, we’ll only get a ‘semi-mock’- 2 questions per paper instead of 4, albeit in half the allotted time. Let’s see- I joined in August, and haven’t studied since. Exams are… next week.  I feel vaguely bad about not feeling any pressure. On second thought… nah.

Elizabeth asked me if I’d want to go along with her to Lumut to ‘recuperate’ (she’s been a little off recently). Some sort of recreational resort or something, with various activities like archery, that kinda thing. Thought I’d go along but she canceled herself. The price itself was scary- about 400 bucks. Slightly disappointed, but it can’t be helped, as she was just planning to tag along with her cousins (who canceled)=.=;

By the way, I am currently pretty annoyed that I missed out on getting my Christmas present. Was busy watching TV (that Bruce Lee drama on 8TV) instead of going online, where I would have found the random giveaway on Missed it by a few hours. Yes, I don’t celebrate Christmas, which is why I have to win contests instead. I could always buy the stuff I want, but since I’d be using my money that wouldn’t really count as a present, would it now?

Today is the 10th of December, and I really have nothing else to say right now. Fine, I admit, I’m just plain lazy. So till next post, adios……


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