Wolves never lose their fangs.

December 16, 2008 at 5:01 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 2 Comments
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I think I’ve managed to regain some semblance of my former benevolent meanness. This a sign of  better things to come? I can only hope…

We were having a night class- contract. Topic of the day (well, night) was mistake, specifically mistake as to identity/attributes. I was quite sick and confined myself to a seat close to the door for easy exit. Here goes:

Lecturer: “What do you think of when I say- Lim Goh Tong?”
Class: “Rich…” or “Genting…”
Yours truly: “Dead.”

…good thing no one heard that- Not very smart to have 30 odd pairs of eyes turn to you when you’re sniffling every six seconds.

Well, there you have it. I don’t feel my presumably lost razor tongue making it’s return yet, but at least I know that it’s still lurking in that dark pit we call Mouth.

All it requires for immediate usage would be suitably ripe context and mental clarity. Good. The only problem would be that the two requirements rarely walk hand in hand. However, allow me to offer my most insincere apologies to my next victim. I feel for you so.



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  1. All my funniest lines were said (well, thought, anyway) in the back of a classroom. If we could every capture all that dark but spot-on commentary, it’d be a great collection. Good luck with “Contracts” (what is that, a law class?)

    • Thanks for the wish… and yes, it would be great if we could remember everything we say. Then again, I’d have to lie every time I say I ‘forgot’ something…

      p.s. yup, Contract is a law subject.

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