PC Fair ’08: Of Nurses and Tired Feet

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Rare indeed is it for me to go out with friends and not come back with any photos. This is one of those rare occasions- you have been warned… so don’t get disappointed later on (If you’re a guy, you probably will).

8.50 in the morning, left for Matt’s. Didn’t even have breakfast. Driving my car is a real chore since my dad had his friend adjust the timing- the previous mechanic-adjusted timing resembled a wild Mustang. Now, it’s like I’m driving an old cow.

Long story short. Got to Geoff’s place, got Photoshop CS3 from him. Yes, I know, why get CS3 when I haven’t even mastered 5% of Photoshop 7… all I do is fiddle around with it. Never mind- it’ll come in handy someday.

Today’s destination- Low Yat Plaza, transportation courtesy of Wai Lam, although he calls himself Rei these days. Can’t really agree with that, but that’s material for another post…

Disaster struck somewhere on the way to KL. Realised that I had left my wallet in the car. IC, driver’s license, library card, 50 bucks… *Insert string of expletives here*. Offered to get off at the KTM station and make my way back to Geoff’s place by myself, but we took a U-turn after Volvo, and sped (if you consider 80 KM/h speeding) back to Sunway. It’s probably how he normally drives, but I’d probably have lost my marbles and speed along at 120+=.=;

Parked in the basement of Sungei Wang. Big mistake, as will be explained later. Wai Lam was headed for a game competition, while the rest of us, as I was soon to discover, were headed for the PC Fair in KLCC. So in a sense, I (and Matt) were hijacked for the event. For some reason my scrambled brain kept telling me that we were headed for PWTC, which led to many scoldings=.=; Lunch in some Japanese restaurant. More pain inflicted on my wallet>.<

Monorail to KL Central. Left Jim and Geoff at the ticket counter, and went along with Matt to make our donation to KL sewers. I decided to give him a quick tour of Brickfield’s finer points- in this case, the washrooms in the nearby Hilton and Meridien hotels. Still remember the time I joined Lizbeth in the ladies over at Meridien. Didn’t dare do it this time, not without legitimate female company and the huge crowd flowing through the corridors… The long detour was well worth it- soothing lighting, nice soap, and a pristine, elegant environment. Plus a phone call from an impatient Geoff:)

LRT from Central to KLCC. On to the event I was kidnapped to- PC Fair ’08. I say kidnapped because I (and Matt) had no idea we were going there. All I thought was that we were going to watch Wai Lam compete and wander around for the rest of the day. Instead, we were forced to wade through hordes of people, inching our way forward, squeezing, etc.

With barely any money, just being there, surrounded by all those lovely items was torture in itself. Remind me never to go to such an event unless I plan to buy something. Followed Geoff as he wandered here and there checking out laptops and mice.Tiring work. Spotted an empty seat at the Sony booth and sat there for a while- pretended to be interested in buying a laptop. The short break was well worth the forced conversation.

What was there for me to do, really? Check out the booth girls (in an appreciative, non-lecherous manner, mind you). That’s about it. Saw a group dressed in pink ‘nurse’ outfits, although I have absolutely no idea why, as the uniform had nothing to do with what they were selling. I’d have understood if they were selling anti virus software, but that wasn’t the case… also spotted two girls sporting shirt text which read “I’m tired- can you carry me back to booth 58?” or something to that effect. Would have asked them if they wanted a ride had my own feet been in mint condition:p

Wandering around, Matt and I got separated from Geoff and Jim. There were some people from MTV running a free contest- just had to write down our ideas on how to ‘save the world’. Maybe I’ll get a free laptop out of this. Ended up in Kinokuniya- pretty far away from them:)

At my suggestion, we walked from KLCC to the Bukit Nanas monorail station. First time for them. Jimmy got rather impatient, heh… Rejoined Wai Lam in Times Square. Fella was recuperating from his earlier loss by bullying newbies in a cafe I had no idea existed… you learn something new everyday=.=;

Off to dinner. Went into Shabu Shabu. Asked the waiter if they had a steamboat buffet. Guess what the waiter said? Wait- I don’t remember what he said… oh, of course- he didn’t say anything, he just stood there and gaped at us for a few moments before eventually spurting something that sounded like ‘bube?’ Alright it couldn’t have been that bad- but it was. Left the place for Teppanyaki instead.

Halfway through dinner Wai Lam made a speech- or rather, tried to, no thanks to Geoff and me:

WL: “I’m so glad to be able to go out with the three of you”
(Or something along those lines)
Me: “Three? Not four?”
WL: “Geoff is different, I’ve known him for a long time…”
Geoff: “Yala, I’m not included, I know, I’m just a side-dish…”
WL: “Fine, fine! Four then, happy now?”
Geoff: “I don’t want to be included…”
(And the argument continued=.=;)

I know it’s like a silly altercation between pre-pubescent kids going “I don’t want to be your friend any more”, but I was laughing the whole while- probably because it was my one harmless little question that threw the entire ‘speech’ of track.

Quick 2 hour session in the aforementioned cybercafe before heading back. Only reason we went there is the coupon we were given: one free hour for every hour spent there. Something we should have expected: massive jam (There’s a permanent jam around Sungei Wang). Just getting out of the mall’s basement was hell. Took forever just to get out of there- probably close to an hour. Perhaps that’s why the ‘cashier’ gave us RM10 extra in change- some form of compensation for time wasted?

After we finally managed to break free of the basement- there was another silly ‘argument’ over stopping over at McD. WL asked Geoff to get out of the car and order the food, while Geoff offered to take over the wheel… cleared a few traffic lights, and the Golden Arches were far behind us. Ended up in an outlet somewhere in Sunway.

Some stories from Geoff concerning her which had the odd effect of of soothing my senses while generating some worry. Christmas is approaching fast, and I haven’t decided what to do about her. Sit or jump. That’s the question. Told Matt a little about how I feel (or might feel) about her, but not Geoff, or at least not yet. Paranoia forbids me from doing so.


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