How to turn a Gundam into a Samurai for Dummies

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I had absolutely nothing to do. Spent a few hours reading Rurouni Kenshin before retiring to my room… great manga, that one. Just reached chapter 95, where Kenshin is about to learn the ougi of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu (飛天御剣流).

As I was lying on my bed I took a look upwards and saw my little 1/144 Strike Freedom sitting on it’s shelf gathering dust behind Haruhi, Mikuru and Tsukasa (gachapon, not figmas, sadly><), staring at me with dolorous plasticky eyes.

I took a quick trip down memory lane: I’d gotten the kit while I was in Japan, in the electronics section of some department store in Osaka (or was it Tokyo?)- don’t ask me what a gunpla was doing there. 2500¥. Thought it was a bargain and bought it.

Eureka moment. I’d arrived in Japan on an economy class ticket, and would be returning in identical fashion, albeit with heavier bags. The journey lasted about 8 hours- I couldn’t sleep at all, and my legs felt like slapped sausages. So why not put the kit together on the flight back?

I think I must be the first person to build a gunpla on a plane 5000 feet (I’m guessing. I don’t remember the exact height, so shoot me if I’m horrendously wrong) above sea level. I succeeded in staving of the pain- had nearly completed the kit by the time we touched down in Singapore (short stop before continuing to KLIA). Also noticed that this time round, the flight stewardesses didn’t offer me any alcoholic drinks:p

So how does all this connect with the opening paragraph? Well I’m watching season 2 of Gundam 00 right now, and although the story is alright, it’s gotten a tad dull. So I thought, wouldn’t Gundam be more interesting if they included breathtaking sword fights ala Ruroken? The following two pictures are a result:

ZGMFX-20 Saitou Hajime

ZGMF-X20 Saitou Hajime

Here, we have Strike Freedom attempting to perform Saitou Hajime‘s typical Gatotsu Ichishiki (牙突・壱式). It’s not really accurate- High Grade kits lack the necesary… twistability. But hey, it’s as close as I could get:p Took the shield off- just imagine Saitou performing the Gatotsu while holding a shield=.=;

ZGMF-X20 Shinomori Aoshi

And for the final pic, we have Strike Freedom imitating Shinomori Aoshi‘s Onmyou Kousa (陰陽交叉). Would have preferred to try his ougi, the Kaiten Kenbu Roku Ren (回天剣舞・六連), but didn’t remember how it looked like.

And that’s it. Not bad, eh? Some information about a  legendary manga (Ruroken), recollections of one bit of my 2006 trip to Japan, and Strike Freedom playing with it’s swords. Kira (Yamato, it’s pilot- not Kira from Death Note) would be pleased.

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