It’s Mockingbird Mocking Season, and I think my eggs have been stolen…

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Mock exams are over, and I have to say I think I’ll miss this brief season. No 10-5 lectures, three hour night classes and tutorials… life was sweet and breezy. Relatively, of course. Things happened, and not all were pleasant…

Day 1, Tuesday: Mock Crime

Pop (sounds so Archie, eh?)sent me out to college. Had a bowl of fish porridge and ‘yaw char koay’ for breakfast at that stall on Petaling street. Second time there, so I was prepared. The first time, I was taken by surprise- the fish arrived separately, raw and sticky, on a saucer. Like, ewww>< Somehow the concept of raw fish as food has never developed beyond sushi for me. Then pop told me to hurry up and dump it all into the bowl. Ohhh=.=;

Exam wasn’t too bad, considering the fact that I didn’t really study at all, beyond doing my assignments and paying attention in class. A one page answer for both questions. Joined Elizabeth after the exam- she asked me what laptop would be nice- don’t really know much about the subject, but promised to ask Geoff.Tried my best to keep her from even thinking about buying one of those drop-proof sledgehammers.

Message from Chay- class had started. Thought I’d better go in by the back since I was late- and found the door locked. Went round to the front- locked as well. Hooboy. Went back up to see if Lizbeth was still around. She was- on her way down. Went out for a bite- my first time eating in one of those back lane stalls that ATC has adopted as it’s outdoor canteen. As I was picking out my… stuff (we were having chee cheong fun), I heard someone call my name… not Lizbeth. Turned around and saw Kitty… not very surprising. some chatter, ate up, message from Jenna: class reopened.

Night. I’d shampooed, and was just playing around with my hair (Wouldn’t you? It was so soft XD). While my comb was enjoying itself twirling around in legless pirouettes, it suddenly jammed. Erk. Removing it was painful work=.=;

Day 2, Wednesday: Mock CLR&I

Flew through the subject guide on the LRT. Arrived 20 minutes late.
Still managed to write two complete essays- again, one page each.Went over to Lizbeth to tell her Geoff’s recommendation- a little over her budget. There was a girl beside her, probably one of her friends- she knew the exact model I was talking about. Quite friendly, although I’ll probably forget about her in a few days.

Got a call from Matt. Fella was bored and wanted to go out- decided to meet up after tomorrow’s paper at the Pasar Seni LRT station. That settled, went back out for a sky-watching session- there were more stars than I’ve seen over the city for some time now. Might have seen the little dipper- not to sure about it, though.

p.s. Got a call from an unlisted number. A man, speaking in almost unintelligible English. Heavy Indian accent- for all I know, it could have been a call from India. After a few attempts at extracting some information- “Who is this?”, “Who are you looking for?” I gave up trying and just said “sorry, but I think you have the wrong number.” Twice, I think. And what do you think the ass did? He told me, in no uncertain terms: “Then put down the phone!”, and then hung up.

…the temerity of the man! If a number was displayed, I would post it everywhere- start a crank call campaign. He deserves it. Curse these unlisted numbers.

Day 3, Thursday: Mock Contract

Note: this one is a direct copy of the text in my written diary, with few edits- which are in italics.

It’s a little hard to backtrack to the beginning of the day given how things turned out, but here goes. LRT. At Chan Sow Lin, driver made an announcement that “all passengers are to disembark, very sorry.” Wonder why. Arrived a few minutes late. Got the questions, but was puzzled as to why it had ‘July intake’ written on it. Didn’t bother and went ahead.

Sometime later, another lecturer burst in and told us that we’d gotten the wrong paper=.=; So the time was extended till 12 for the September intake. I was too lazy to start over again and just went on with the July paper. Left just after the July intake- everyone in Sept was staring at me, and I had to explain it away.

Met Matt at the Pasar Seni station.  Back to college- he insisted on a tour. Thanks to that I discovered the com lab=.=; Short walk in Central Market, then a bus to Mid Valley. Walked around, did some windowshopping, drinks at McD. He told me Akil is in town- going to see him on Monday. Dunno if I have class.

Someone called my name as I walked to my car (Bukit Jalil carpark). Adam. Nice surprise, but I was quite tired and just wanted to go home. Talked for a bit before bidding him adios~

Home, started my download again (it had failed many times already). Everything seemed fine. Then Geoff called. Asked me again if I wasn’t going to this weekend’s Comic Fiesta in Pyramid. Tried to tempt me. Said he’d asked Soo Hwah along. She’d be going with her sister, though. I said no- but not before telling him that I might- note, might like her. He asked me if I’d like to know the projected result. Hard decision. Go ahead, I said. He said she’s not interested.

I don’t know how he knows that. I didn’t feel too much about it then, but as I write this now, tears are gathering in my eyes, but they won’t fall. “Oh.” Well then. “Good, closure.” Right. But we can still meet up. Christmas. That won’t change. I think.

The rain just stopped. And I think my download has failed again. (Note: short time lapse here) Yes it has. Ah- the rain came back. How apt.

At the end of the day, I don’t know if I should feel relieved. Give her up just after hearing his opinion? At least the paranoia will fade. I’ve fallen before I could even jump. There’s still time to think, however… and jump again.

Day 4, Friday: Mock Public

Planned to study on the train as per Day 2 and 3. Something unexpected happened though- as I was adjusting myself to my seat, I noticed a hand floating on my right, trying to get my attention- looked over, and saw…

Debra. Well. Wasn’t expecting that. Talked throughout the journey. This, I think, would have to be the highlight in an otherwise dull day. I just wanted to go to college, finish the test, and go home. She got off at Masjid Jamek, the station I used to go to, before I finally found out that Plaza Rakyat is a lot nearer.

Looked around class for Elizabeth, but didn’t see her. Wanted some advice regarding last night’s  fiasco. Could have told anyone else about it, but I’d prefer to ask her- the same way she seems comfortable telling me her problems (and subsequently whacking me), so do I. Although I don’t hit her. Much. Home, lunch, com. I don’t want to think too much right now.

20/12 Update: Called Lizbeth at night. Talked a bit, Christmas plans and all that. Told her about the incident. Still feel rather lost, but I’m thinking less now. And sneezing a lot- blasted flu…


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