Farewell, my beloved tresses… I’ll see you in a few months time=.=;

December 26, 2008 at 4:40 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments
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Today’s the 26th of December. Things happened. Right. That’s very descriptive. I had a haircut, for no other reason than that it was starting to bug me whenever it bunched up at the back. So I had a haircut. It’s not like I experienced some persona-shattering event. I didn’t cut my hair ala Aya from Ayashi no Ceres, as some girls tend to do as a symbolic action of, perhaps, moving on with life. I like my hair, but I don’t plan to make a symbol of it.

Christmas Eve was spent at Matt’s church- not going to say another word on the subject until I get the photos from him. Christmas Day was spent living the otaku lifestyle. Christmas night was spent at a neighbour’s Christmas party, and sending wishes via Facebook.

As for the haircut which I mentioned earlier, I spent some time camwhoring. You don’t see heartbroken girls doing that, do you? I’m not heartbroken- I can’t be, not when there’s nothing to be broken in the first place, nor anything to break it. Here are the photos.

Mirror Image.

Mirror Image.


Hungry. Bite finger. No?

Hungry. Bite finger. No?

Stupid ironing basket ruined the pic=.=;

Stupid ironing basket ruined the pic=.=;

The End


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  1. wtf pictures looks emo. woi aku pun mau emo camwhore!

  2. ‘not when there’s nothing to be broken in the first place’…..implying you’re heartless? =.=

  3. @yh: emo? Really? Think I was just tired… long night^^;

    @TJ: Heartless- right. Most of the time, at least. I meant that there’s nothing to break, as in feelings. Can’t break what’s not there. The heart is there alright… just that it rarely functions. Works when it needs to:3

  4. Hey Levin, Happy New Year!

    I think an extreme side profile, with your chin slightly tilted forward would ‘show off’ your hairstyle best (in photos). Like the first photo. Nice one!

    • Thanks and happy new year to you too!
      Won’t be easy getting it back in that shape though- wonder how the stylist did it. It’s a little depressing though, not being able to make it look like that again:p

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