Sensibility and Engines; Preview of a Review

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Gonna get all wet;

"Gonna get all wet><;"

Right. This post is just to keep this place up and alive while I wait for the photos to arrive from Matt. Yup. Christmas Eve photos. Let’s see, today is the… 29th. Oi! Hurry up already! Looks like I’m going to be the first person to write about Christmas after New Year…

Anyway, the picture above, and those below, are from the anime Real Drive, also known as RD Sennou Chousashitsu. I haven’t finished it yet, so a review will have to wait- for now though, the amphibious bike you see above has driven me nuts. I want one for my birthday. Any volunteers? What, you don’t think it’s a bike? Look at the next picture:

I did a stunt and my bike snapped in two

"I did a stunt and my bike snapped in two"

Jumping out of the water might be a problem, though- don’t think I have sufficient leg strength to propel myself that far. Time for some physics: the guy in the pic pushed the bike down into the water, and then accelarated… stop. I’ve forgotten my physics. Think, think… right.

So by pushing down the bike, water was displaced, and the bike filled up that gap. One of those Archimedean principles relating to density or pressure, I think.  Of course, due to it’s buoyancy, the displaced water would return and the bike would rise again… which is why it practically flew out of the water when he accelarated. Extra speed from the accelaration in addition to the return of the displaced water propelled the bike upwards… makes sense. So hit me if I’m wrong.

Enough with the Physics- Im off

"Enough with the Physics- I'm off"

Back in normal bike mode, he’s off. Who wouldn’t want a bike like this? Then again, my shoes and pants might get wet… just look at the spray from the first picture. Still… if bikes like this one existed, I wouldn’t mind enduring the torture of obtaining a motorcycle license- the intense heat, ridiculous training, devilish instructors, corruption and red tape… come to think of it…

Wont get wet with this, will I?

"Won't get wet with this one now, will I?"

…I’d rather get a VTOL. And a pilot while we’re at it. No way I’m gonna bother with getting myself a license for this monster.  Sure, I’ll be spending a lot more on fuel and maintenance, but what the heck?

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