It’s 2009, and I’m still waiting. Hurry up already!

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Well, well. I rarely bother reposting things I’ve seen on other news sites, but this was just too interesting/amusing to pass up: According to a post on, a prominent ‘alternative’ Japanese news site (it’s often unsuitable for work, unlike, Hirano Aya, seiyuu best known for providing the voice behind characters such as Suzumiya Haruhi and Izumi Konata was in Malaysia for a holiday, photoshoot or whatnot. Blast- my writing suddenly sounds way too newspaper-like. Better stop. I’m not going to provide any pictures or further information. Go and read the original article, complete with pictures of Aya in a tudung, here. Interesting response from Malaysian otaku as well:p

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for my Christmas Eve photos. I’m also being tortured by the Genting trip- I might miss Monday’s lectures because of it. Matt has his cell group on Saturday- I made a major miscalculation when I told Jimmy (the organiser) that he wouldn’t mind missing one session. Blast. As for Jimmy, after I told him that although I’d prefer Saturday – Monday over Sunday – Tuesday I wouldn’t mind the latter timing, he went ahead and switched it to the former. Which caused some friction with Geoff, who now says he can’t make it, since he’s made plans for Saturday. I’m pretty sure there’s  a girl involved. And the fella is sulking and doesn’t want to go there a day later then the rest.

It’s a real headache having to deal with all these children. This trip better be worth it. Oh and in relation to the title of the post- Alvin might be coming, so this would be a good chance to strangle him for last time…


So now we’ll be leaving from Bukit Jalil at 5pm on Saturday. Matt will have to come on Sunday morning since the buses stop running at 7pm. Geoff is supposedly bringing a girl along- don’t know who, though. Won’t ask, either- keep it a surprise. Although, as Jimmy says, that plan might come to nothing… apparently is quite common with Geoff. As for me, I called Elizabeth. She seems quite interested, and I’ll have to wait for a reply. Hope it’s a yes. All guys and no girls equals bored people.

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