Christmas ’08: Sudden Female Growth Spurt; or a Case of Alternating Perspectives

January 2, 2009 at 10:48 pm | Posted in Outings | 2 Comments
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Here’s an overdue post. Just got the photos from Matt. As usual, some have been ruined by flash. Should have used my camera instead- for some reason, photos taken with it seem- well, feel better. I can’t really explain why- maybe because it’s mine, there’s a greater sense of control? Never mind.

It’s been about a week since Christmas. I don’t really remember what happened. Let’s see- I was first to arrive. Matt came after me. Geoff and Wai Lam were the latest (and the first to leave).

Matt brought a friend from NZ (Sarawak, actually). Can’t remember how to spell his name. Or even pronounce it. This is quite common with me- although it happens a lot more with guys than girls. Guy looks a little like Choi, a former classmate of mine… short Korean guy. This Sarawakian one is taller, though. And has less freckles:p

Due to the aforementioned latecomers, we had to settle for outdoor seats and a projector. Hall was full- must have been more than a thousand people in there. They had a play ready: Christmas at Chang’s. Nothing much to say about it (not that it wasn’t nice, of course), except that the female lead  caught my eye… somehow, she seemed familiar.

Someone I know? Only figured out her identity somewhere near the end of the show… Adele. It wasn’t easy work. Only realized it was her near the end, when we got a zoom up of her in the choir… she seemed my age when next to the ‘Ebenezer Scrooge’ character, but tiny when seen in the choir with the other girls. Odd, eh?

Without further ado, the pictures (since I don’t remember much more):


The Choi doppleganger, improved version:p


That's Felicia there... been inviting me for events but I was almost always too tired to go:p

Should really throw the bag away during photoshoots- looks really out of place.

Should really throw the bag away during photoshoots- looks really out of place.

Girl on left, Joanna. I think. The other one, Gladys.

Santarina is Adele. Careen on her right.

Between Matt and me, Gladys.

Between Matt and me, Gladys. Why is it always my eyes that glow?

Finally- a good picture. Thank you soooooo much!

Finally- a good picture. Thank you soooooo much!

And that’s that. Did my best to search out every girl I know in the place for a photo- forgot to look for Vivienne though… she’ll have to wait for next time. Well, that’s Christmas Eve. And how did I spend Chrismas? Mainly watching anime and sleeping. Classmates asked me out but I was too tired from Eve, and just didn’t feel like going all the way to Damansara. And that’s that.


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  1. Yeah… You do have eyes that ‘glow’ in almost every photo! Are you wearing those special contact lenses? :P Also, handbags, sling bags and (especially) backpacks look out of place in photos unless you ‘model’ it, haha.

    • Special contact lenses? Never heard of that. The glow does get annoying, and it tends to come out in photos that use flash. Maybe it’s because my eyes are a little teary… as for the bag, I’ve finally gotten fed up and dump it aside, even if there’s no chair or person to throw it onto:3

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