What better than a trap while we wait?

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Here’s a temporary post to kill time while I wait for the rest of the photos from the Genting trip to reach me. Recognise these girls?

Look closely...

Look closely...

Look closely enough, and you’ll see that they’re guys, not girls. Even worse, that ‘girl’ in the Qi Pao (Or at least I think that’s one) is none other than… Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass. I don’t know what the fangirls are thinking, but I’d wager that half of them would be screaming like rabid dogs- no, scratch that. It’s likely that they’d all be screaming- half in delight, and half in torment.

No idea about the fanboys, though. All I thought was, “Ah. This is  pretty amusing. Hold on- where’s Suzaku? That’s odd- he’s not in the pic. I don’t recognise the guy on the bottom left, is that him? But Suzaku has brown hair…” No screams here- sorry to disappoint.

It looks like Lelouch is hugging C.C’s Pizza Hut doll. Then again… could it be? Yup, it looks possible… so Lelouch’s face has been grafted onto C.C’s body? Which would mean that Rolo (bottom right) has been grafted onto… Nunnally, and that blond knight has replaced, uh… Kallen, perhaps? Still, who exactly is that ‘girl’ in blue?

Update: Interesting discussion going on here… some people think that the ‘girl’ in the blue dress is Lelouch, while the one in the Chinese outfit is Xing Ke… I can’t really decide- both seem possible. So just who is Lelouch now?

Image Source: Sankakucomplex

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  1. No

    The one holding Cheesekun is the chinese fellow

    Shirley is lulu

    Gino is kallen
    and Rolo is kaguya

    p.s:how i know thw diff between lulu and chiese guy? easy. the eyes colour

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