Delayed Post: Spidey, we meet again

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Here’s another delayed post, this one dating all the way back to the 22nd of December 2008. Last year. If I had an editor for this blog I’d probably be roasting on a spit somewhere in the Maldives…

Weeeell… so what happened on this day? To be honest I don’t really remember- in all fairness, it has been, what, 2, 3, months since then? The entry in my paper diary devoted to this day is pretty short too… 3 lines. Now what can I extract from that, I wonder…

Ah. Scheduled to meet Matt and Akil at the entrance to Pyramid at xx:xx time, but I was late for some reason, and Akil drove over to where I’d parked the Mazda (the usual spot outside Josh’s house) to save time. Fella came in a dinosaur of a Toyota 4WD- I don’t think I’ve ever seen a personal vehicle of that size before. Impractical monster. Despite it’s size I think I’d feel pretty vulnerable while driving it…

Drove to Taiping for lunch. Bah. Taipan lah, you dum-dum… haven’t been there in ages. Apparently I’m supposed to know where we were- don’t ask me why:

Matt: “Don’t tell me you don’t know where this is…”
Me: “…Taipan?”

I just guessed. Really. At the time I thought Taipan was somewhere in… somewhere. Never mind that- we ended up driving all over the place looking for a parking space- which was made considerably harder due to the size of the monstorsity we were in. We ended up at a McD drive-through. Was worried we wouldn’t be able to turn, but he did it somehow.

To Akil’s place after that- and before I forget to mention it, the purpose of our meeting today was to meet up with him while he’s in the country- he left for Aus a few days later. No problems parking- big house for a big car. I’ll never understand why he needs 9 toilets in one house…

Wasted a few hours there, and here are the results:

Spidey-maniac Akil.

Spidey-maniac Akil.

And Matt with Spidey.

And Matt with Spidey.

Yeah, that’s my Spidey you see there. Got it from my first Japanese center, Egami (Not very sure- I forget), in Endah Parade, as it was known at the time.  The thing came all the way from Universal Studios Japan- wonder how they got it. Got it quite easily from them too- they were moving, and I asked my teacher, Fujimori sensei if they still wanted it. Management said it was alright. He, on the other hand, took with him a promotional poster of Egami- which had his face on it^^;

Anyway Spidey’s found a nice home with Akil- biggest Spidey fan I’ve ever met, although admittedly I have a deeper knowledge of Spidey than him. Could probably have sold it off for a tidy sum, but chose to give it to him a year or two back- fella’s been a great pal, although I’ve admittedly never been particularly close to him, and it was the least I could do. Of course, I also wanted to fill up his room to make it smaller as well^^;;

Played some Guitar Hero. Video shows Matt playing. I wasn’t very good at it…

Yeah, I know- I had nothing better to do. Matt on the guitar, Akil on the keyboard, and I conducted with my socked foot. Second video shows Kil singing Matt a love song… just one of his many ways of annoying Matt. I tried my level best to stay neutral.

Fella had an appointment with the dentist- who just happened to be based all the way in KL. Had to cut our stay short- had him send us back to Pyramid. That’s the last I saw of him this year (2008).

Went with Matt to a nearby cybercafe, wasted a few hours there. Twas dark by the time we came out- decided to have dinner at the mamak a few doors away, but I really had no idea what to have… ordered a glass of teh-o while trying to decide what to eat. Finally thought of having Maggi, but that was screwed by the tea. Didn’t feel right putting the two together. Ended up having warmed-up roti canai. Sent him home, and that was that.



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  1. Lev, how r u???
    I’m fine here, finally got settle down, was super busy with green shirt duty.
    anyway, the colour of my shirt in the pic looks yellow, suppose to be white, maybe cuz the shirt was like rotting in my room 4 one year and decided to take it out and wear it.

    my hear decided to go and destroy akil pic, muahahahahhaha!!!!

  2. Nice spidey standlee.

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