Genting ’09: A Controlled Study of Typical Male Non-Sexual Hormonal Activity

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Well, this post is certainly long overdue. I went to Genting early in January- from the 3rd to the 5th, to be specific. There was quite a lot of trouble regarding coordination of people, schedules, and whatnot- the usual nonsense you get when everything is planned at the last minute. Never mind all that, as I’m in no mood to type out a detailed nag-a-thon.

Left home around 3pm on Saturday, and met up with Jimmy in Endah Parade (That derelict shopping mall in Sri Petaling) where we planned to stock up on supplies.  Wandered around the place for some time, trying to think of something to do- and due to the nature of the place, failing miserably, as if that wasn’t to be expected.

We were later joined by Geoffrey his friend from APIIT- Jac, I think. Or Jack. Whatever. Another APIIT guy came along later, Clement…. hey. I was told that Geoff would be bringing one guy and one girl along… so whatever happened to the girl? Seems that he failed in getting her to go along. My own attempts to obtain some variety for our motley crew failed as well- Elizabeth was interested but finally decided not to come (Hazard a guess. It’s really not very difficult). Called Mun Yee as well, but that failed- called her on Friday night- too sudden, said she.

Walked over to Geoff’s friends house- strange place. Walked in with shoes on (Ground floor, at least). Shoes are thrown in a pile. PCs and laptops were arranged in two rows… it was like a miniature cybercafe. Nice place to hang out, but definitely not one I’d like to live in. Had one of them send us to the Bukit Jalil LRT station, where we were dealt with a shock- Jimmy called up the taxi driver, and found out that the guy had screwed the date up- he thought we were leaving tomorrow, and was still in Genting. Instead he sent to of his buddies who were in the area to send us up.

Two taxis- I went up with Jimmy. Journey up was uneventful, of course. Gave Jimmy the pleasure of having the front seat (seat-belt included), with the responsibility of enduring pointless taxi driver banter. My bag, however, was stowed in the other taxi, which led to some anxiety on my part as the camera was in there as well. Don’t like being separated from it when I take it out.

Suffered in silence wondering how my camera was doing until we finally started the ascent up the mountain- the mist was so thick we could barely see anything. Geoff and co  had arrived much earlier- found them standing at the entrance of Awana. Finally reunited with my bag and camera, and took the  opportunity to celebrate with a quick photo shoot…

Remember something like this from last years trip? Go do your research.

Remember something like this from last year's trip? Go do your research.

Geoff, me, and my pet tigger

Geoff, me, and my pet tigger

Plodded off to our suite the minute the card key was placed in Jimmy’s hands. It was quite a long trek… down, down, and further down… subterranean room, I suppose. Passed by quite a few rooms which were marked ‘closed for upgrading’.

Room was identical to the one they gave us the last time we stayed there. Two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, a rather pointless balcony, and a jacuzzi. Everything was fine, but the jacuzzi… I turned it on, and turned away to let it fill up. That’s when everything went mad. The shower head flew off and continuously spewed boiling hot water. Things got pretty chaotic- the whole place steamed up pretty quick. All of us had glasses on and as such were all blinded^^; Turned it off in the end, at the cost of some lobsterised hands. Turned out the shower head was loose- someone came over to fix it later. I had jacuzzi-phobia for a few hours…

The useless jacuzzi in question.

The useless jacuzzi in question.

That’s the main bathroom in the above pic. Note that walls of the shower in the back are transparent- sure it looked nice, but it was a little awkward in the beginning as I had some trouble locking the window beside the jacuzzi.

Dinner: KFC. Ordered a party bucket or something like that. I remember that someone once said that KFC chicken is so oily that you could wallop your plate with it and see the oil drip out, so I was a little terrified at the thought of gorging myself on chunks of organic oil storage facilities, but it was surprisingly alright. Maybe it had something to do with the altitude? Still prefer McD chicken though- although theirs is a wee bit dry, I suppose.

Kids at heart

Kids at heart.

Wandered around after dinner. There’s really nothing much to do in Genting. They tried to walk into the casino, but got stopped every time. What’s there to see in there, anyway? Bunch of uncles and aunties from Taiwan or Singapore? Prostitutes who would look more at home selling chee cheong fun at the morning market? No thank you. Now if someone like Sam from Las Vegas was there…^^; In Geoff’s words: “You wish lah.” Sad, innit?

Which is why we found ourselves wandering around aimlessly, before finally ending up in the arcade, which was pretty much devoid of anything entertaining. Ended up playing some silly ‘virtual target practice’ game, where the gun was supposedly as heavy as it’s real-life counterpart- although it seemed a little light to me. It wasn’t hard at all… just point, pull trigger, bang, done. Jimmy got the highest score amongst us. NS experience? No wait, he ran out of the pogrom… oh, my bad, program. Oh well.

We’d gotten tickets for a late night movie- I think the latest one was around 1.30am. There wasn’t anything particularly interesting, though- then again, there hardly ever is. Come to think, December has come and gone, but whatever happened to Nightmare Detective 2? I’ve been waiting for that one… ended up watching Lady Cop & Papa Crook (大搜查之女). With a title like that… wasn’t hoping for much quality, but still- it was quite disappointing. Sammi Cheng’s odd ‘Lady Cop’ character somwhat made up for the overall crappiness, but it wasn’t enough to save it.

After the movie, we stopped by at one of Genting’s many Starbucks outlets- I’ve never bothered to count them all, but there’s probably around 4 or 5? ‘Celebrated’ Geoffrey’s birthday- Jimmy footed his bill.

Birthday boy gets his cake

Birthday boy gets his cake

It was probably around 4am by the time we were done- The main cable car line was closed for the ‘night’, and we had some trouble trying to figure out how to get back down to Awana. Some genius suggested that we just sit still till morning- quickly vetoed that. I thought of walking down the mountain, but no one was up for it. But of course. Instead we waited for the older cable car line, which came every half-hour- or was it every hour? Plonked down in bed around 7am, after a short game of cards.

Woke up around noon (lest I forget, it’s now the 4th of January)- Matt had just arrived. Forgot who opened the door for him- was it me? Could have been- I slept first, so I had the most sleep, after all. Went up again around 2pm. It was too misty, and all the *wothwile* rides were closed. So cold that I could even see my breath form before me. We decided not to go in- which was a bit of a problem for Matt, who already had a ticket. Had to wait for him while he tried to sell it off- eventually managed to get rid of it for RM20.

We split up into two groups after that- I went along with Matt and Jim, window-shopping- some sale going on, but didn’t see anything interesting. Managed to dress Jimmy in a colorful jacket- probably the only success of the day.

Colorful Tang.

Colorful Tang.

Walked around Genting, camwhored here and there (the mist was a major problem), overpriced noodle linner (lunch+dinner), buns and ice cream potong despite the cold (actually tasted better since it didn’t melt like it would have in lowland heat) from a mini-market next to the taxi driver’s canteen I discovered on my previous trip, playing some ridiculous game in the arcade- got ourselves about 40 tickets. Walked up to the redemption counter and found out that the cheapest item cost about 100 tickets.

Three of us went back down to Awana without the rest. Matt made maggi for us- he watched TV while Jim and I entertained ourselves with the absentee’s PSPs till they got back. Cards again- stopped when they (Geoff’s group) started gambling again, around 2am.

Woke up around 7.15am- walked with Matt to the cable car station, the old one. Good thing it wasn’t crowded- got the first ride up. Went down to the First World hotel bus station first- still very cold, and it was raining, which really didn’t help much…><;

In an effort to escape the cold, and to find something to fill our empty mouths with, we ended up in a nearby Starbucks, having decided to share a hot mocha. We were surprised by a horde of girls (well, mostly) streaming out of the convention center up ahead. Geoff’s group would be particulary sore about missing such a sight, I thought, being the ones who wouldn’t stop yapping about girls, and who in all likelihood suffering the most from being without female contact for a prolonged period. Matt and I duly enjoyed ourselves, of course- if only to spite them with stories of what they missed out.

Didn’t think too much about them until later on, when they grabbed the Starbucks cashier girl for a photo, and I was left with ‘moc…’ drying in the cold air. After they’d left, and with me halfway through my order (this time I managed to complete the word) they came back in, and asked me if I’d take a photo with them- apparently they had some kind of ‘treasure hunt’ going on- they needed a person with a ‘good complexion’. Nothing better to start a day with than a praise towards ones looks (OK enough narcissicm):3

Didn’t get the photos from them, of course, but luckily Matt, in his extreme blurness (and comfy sofa), actually noticed what was going on and got two shots in:

Matt just woke up- brain cells overclocked.

Matt just woke up- brain cells overclocked.

I really shouldnt try to smile when I damn well cant smile properly without looking like Im plotting something ghastly...

I really shouldn't try to smile when I damn well can't smile properly without looking like I'm plotting something ghastly...

Bus down, parted ways at KL Central. Arrived in class around 11am- Criminal Law lecture was just finishing. Nice timing.

Before I end this here’s one photo that I’m particularly happy with:

Dennou Coil keyhole.

Dennou Coil keyhole.

More photos in my facebook account– you don’t need an account to view them (I think)…

And another account of the Genting excursion here at Matt’s (scroll down to the bottom of the post).



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