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February 23, 2009 at 10:02 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 3 Comments
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Some people dream of bunnies and tea parties. Me, I have to endure gender-switching nonsese and more...

A taste of what I might have looked like in my dream. I know you're liking me. I know I am.

A few weeks ago I dreamed that I was a Japanese OL. Don’t ask. I’d love to elaborate, but I don’t remember anything about it. Posted this item here on dannychoo.com, which brought about some humorous replies.

Anything else I should add? Well, if you insist, my chair broke during last Sunday’s lecture. Thing is, I could feel it losing structural integrity and managed to stay upright. Clambered over to the seat in the row behind upon invitation. It’s not that I’m heavy- I’m actually underweight, for my height. Crappy furniture- no wonder the college made us pay for some sort of ‘insurance’ upon registration (RM10).



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  1. *blinks* Interesting. I’ve had many bizarre dreams before, but never one where I switched genders.

    Lol. Your Coll is sneaky > Pay up for insurance now! So that you’ll be insured and NOT sue us when our chairs break on you.


  2. Expect crappy furnitures if you’re studying in a private college/university. In my university (also private, not government), you can use the smell of the toilet to guide you to the promised land, I mean, the right lecture venue.

    • Scary… luckily, I don’t have it that bad.
      Good luck coping with yours^^;

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