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February 26, 2009 at 12:21 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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I’ve finally figured out a way around the recent trouble I’ve been having with the internet connection- I use it in the morning, or afternoon. Nighttime is completely out of the question, I think, at least for certain sites that I spend quite a lot of time on. Thankfully wordpress, at least, seems to have recovered.

As you can see, the greenery has all but disappeared- I’ve been so blinded by my love for the extreme greenness of my previous blog theme, that I was completely ignorant of its flaws until someone told me that it was pretty hard on the eyes. I took a look and thought the same.

Anyway, it’s bye-bye, Green, hello Blue. The header isn’t going to change, though. I’m liking the new layout- it’s quite refreshing. Especially after a tiring day out. We had a guest lecturer for Public Law, one Curtiz Cotterrell. Elizabeth found him quite attractive. I suppose he did look like a cross between a young Gordon Freeman and Chris Rock. He arrived late, about half an hour- stuck in a jam made worse by a tree that suddenly decided to lie down in the middle of the road.

He did a lecture focusing mainly on two topics, Rule of Law and Separation of Powers- it was a lot livelier compared to regular lectures, probably because he seemed to be jumping all over the place. I had a horrible headache, so they sorta balanced each other out. I was also famished- Lizbeth cured that with an egg tart she’d bought earlier, from a relatively famous tart shop opposite the Popular bookstore- guess I should visit them more often.

During break I went out for a moment, and got a chunk of skin from my hand ripped off in a freak accident with a washroom door- I don’t really remember how it happened. Got a band-aid from Lizbeth, although it really wasn’t that bad. Still stung when I washed it, though- I haven’t had a serious injury since… since. Click here for a photo of what my hand now looks like. Didn’t want to post the photo here- just in case some squeamish kid reads this blog.

Lizbeth joined me for the train ride home- she got off a few stops before me. Time really passes by quickly when you have someone to talk to- 20 minutes just faded away.

Well, that’s that. Now just how does the title of this post relate to its contents, you ask?
i) The new theme.
ii) Surely a wound counts, right?
iii) And if so, a band-aid counts too^-^
iv) Not to mention Liz liking the lecturer^^;;

It’s past midnight, and I’m off to bed. I realize that all the reasons I’ve given up there are rather daft, but this post itself is rather superficial, so how can I be blamed, eh? Toodles.



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  1. like the new skin better as well,
    how’s school life???
    a lot of dengue cases, careful lev!!!
    i’m great, lots of stress but definately feeling gud to be studying again.

    • Same as usual- gonna have final mock exams, and revision in March.
      I suppose you feel good about studying after a holiday of doing absolutely nothing, but like I said, I won’t:p
      As for dengue, don’t worry… Any mosquito that comes near me dies a quick death.

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