Love is thicker than even the extra cheese on a pan-crust pizza

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Found this excellent picture floating on the internet, for everyone who hopes Lelouch is still alive and kicking. So what if you can’t read Japanese? It’s a marriage certificate! What more do you need to know other then that the dream couple of Code Geass has finally been united in matrimonial/contractual bliss?

So say I but here’s a translation anyway:

Most of it’s pretty obvious, no?
Top left panel: Photo/Portrait
Panel above Lelouch: Husband to be
Panel above C.C: Wife to be
Panel to the left of Lelouch’s name: (How to read),  Full Name, D.O.B
Panel below that: How I met Her (Him)
Four lines to the right [note: essentially a dialog between the two]:

Lulu: Shinjuku Ghetto – unexpected encounter – flight – danger – contract
C.C: There are limits to how emotionless one should be, Lelouch.
Lulu: Shut up, witch.
C.C: Oh, are you just covering up your embarrassment?
[strikethrough by Lulu]
Lulu: No!!

The panel below all that shows their ‘occupations’:
Lulu – Demon Lord
C.C – Witch
And below that, it’s basically ‘etc’ to the above[another mini dialog]:

C.C: Ashford Academy High School Pizza Club Director
Lulu: Look, why are you the Director?!

And finally, the lovely couple’s signatures^-^


Also, seeing as my previous post シー・ツーの憂鬱 (The Melancholy of C.C) has gotten itself a sizable number of views (perhaps due to the lovely picture there), I thought that I’d better translate it into (brief) English as well:

I had a strange dream again. The characters were Lelouch and C.C from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, and… another new character. End of advance notice.

C.C entered the Command Center of the Black Knights. She was searching for Lelouch, but found someone else there as well- someone frightening.

C.C: “Lelouch, I thought you’d be here. I have some business with you… Lelouch, who is this?!”

What she saw before her  was… a combination of herself and Princess Euphemia. She could not, would not, acknowledge it as a human being.

C.C: “Lelouch, what is this thing!”

Lelouch, who was reading a book, noticed her and put it down on a table. He stared coldly at C.C.

Lelouch: “I suppose you don’t like it, C.C”

C.C: “Do I even have to say it? Who do you think I am?”

…actually, I adlibbed everything up till now. Although I have no idea what they said to each other, I have a general idea of what C.C was thinking:

C.C: “I knew it all along. Lelouch said that we were friends… that he only has me… all… probably… lies, I suppose. For me to have trusted this man who only loves himself…

Fin. Quite a stark contrast with the happily married couple in the picture above, eh? Well if C.C ever gets tired of Lulu, I’ll happily take her in…^^;;



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  1. love these series of marriage certificates. lol. ^^;

    • Dang- your comment got sent to my spam folder for some reason.
      Hope this doesn’t happen to me once I move to a free host- that is, if I ever do so^^;;

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