Photoshoot: Prospective Supermodels and Violent Plushies

March 18, 2009 at 9:12 pm | Posted in Art | Leave a comment
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Just to make sure my Japanese doesn’t rot without my classes, this post will be in Japanese, with simple English (and slightly different) underneath. I do believe this is the second post I’ve done in Japanese… anyway, this is a response to a post entitled “00 Nagato“. Moving on…




Yuuichi-kun used a 1/144 00 Gundam and a Figma for his piece of art, I believe- and it was a delightful sight indeed- although I don’t think the ’00 Nagato’ stands a chance against the Kona-chan Strike Freedom^^; Ah, yes- Mine was made using a 1/144 Strike Freedom and an Izumi Konata gachapon.




Nagato-chan is cute, isn’t she? But the Figma definitely looks a lot better than the gachapon- that can’t be helped. But she looks a lot like a model in this picture, methinks… ah, and let’s just pretend that the dust isn’t there…^^;;




Too cute- I’m lost for words. Erm, ‘balsamic vinegar’? ^^; No yokoppai for you, I’m afraid- Tsukasa’s not that kinda girl:p




And last but not least- a brief warning: nothing, and no one is capable of defeating my Domo-kun. Notice the Strike Freedom in pieces at his feet^^;;

P.S: These and more here.

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