Black+Green=? …Ridiculous title for a post.

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I have no idea why, but someone in my class has decided to have a class photo taken- they’re gonna get one of the seniors, who has an SLR camera, to take it for us. Preppie time- my hair’s gotten pretty long- up to the point where it formed a protective layer around my ears. So if you’ve been shouting at me for the last month an got no response, blame the hair. Oh wait- it’s been cut- so you really don’t have anyone/thing to blame. Too bad for you.


Pretending to be depressed.

Pretending to be depressed@憂鬱の振りを

Freed Ears.

Freed Ears@開放された耳

Well, that’s that. Next step- wardrobe restocking, which has always been a problem. I just can’t seem to be satisfied with clothes in this country- couple that with the wide gap between my precise tastes and global fashion trends, and I have myself a task more impossible than climbing Mount Everest on one hand while wearing a Playboy Bunny suit and singing Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life’.

よし、次は新しい服の買い物か。いつも難しかったんだよ、それ…どうもこの国の服だけで満足できないんだ。それにくわえて、うちの好き嫌いと世界的なファションの流行パタンのおかげで、結果的にPLAYBOYのウサギちゃんの格好でBON・JOVIの「IT’S MY LIFE」を歌いながらエベレス山を登るより難しい仕事だ。

Save the world- dye your hair green

Save the world- dye your hair green

Maybe next time, I’ll dye my hair green… What say you?


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