Sisterly Love: A guide on the do’s and dont’s

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Gropers better stay away from these two

Gropers better stay away from these two

Anime review time. Ga-Rei Zero is the 12 episode prequel to the manga of the same name (minus the ‘Zero’). Quite a lot of gore and violence in this one, so you might want to skip it if you have a standard issue gecko sized heart.

In episode one, viewers are introduced to an elite team of… well, Japanese Ghostbusters, the main difference being that they don’t use funny light emitting vacuum cleaners. Nor are they a  bunch of social misfits who live in an old firehouse. And they don’t eat pizza everyday.

Right. Moving on- the episode starts with this guy called Tooru (Tohru for those who dig the English version) standing in front of a girl’s grave. We find out that he’s a member of the aforementioned team when a biker girl comes to collect him for a spirit-thwacking mission. A series of charmingly executed combat scenes ensue, and everyone’s happy.

They even pay a visit to an interesting place in Tokyo, the anime version shown in the dark, grainy picture after this- more on this place in a future post. Can you guess where it is without me telling you now? Anyway- major spoilers in the next paragraph- highlight it if you dare.

Now where could this be? The Mines of Moria?

Now where could this be? The Mines of Moria?

Spoiler begins: With the big flaming wheel of a Stegosaurus defeated, the team relaxes as they wait for their transport to arrive. Suddenly, one of their team realizes that he’s just lost a hand, and stares at it idiotically. In the next second he’s down on the floor, dead. A pretty girl steps out of the shadows, and then proceeds to vivisect the others. Even the pretty biker girl got killed *sob* Oh well. Tooru will survive, right? After all, he’s the main character, right? Yeah, he’ll pull off something amazingly ridiculous and… oh wait. He’s got a shiny katana sticking out of his… eh? He’s dead… and ends.

Bet you didn’t see that coming. I sure didn’t. Anyway, the aforementioned girl, Isayama Yomi- see that pic way up there? She’s the one in the black school uniform. Girl on the left is her adopted sister, Tsuchimiya Kagura. The following 10 episodes focuses on the developing relationship between the two, leading up to the events of the first episode, with episode 12 actually coming after episode 1. Sounds confusing, eh? Just go watch it.

Now, let’s see- in the manner of a stereotypical reviewer ‘bred’ by the sycophantic Malaysian school syllabus, I will have to add in something that I have learned from this show- otherwise, what’s it all been for, eh? Hur hur. Here goes: don’t burden someone you love with your own impression of him/her, and just accept them for who they are, and what they did. Done. It doesn’t sound like much, but it sure made for one emotional scene in the show… OK enough blabbing^^;

…and yes, I’m in the midst of upgrading all my avatars to one of Yomi from the picture above. So no, in case you’ve been wondering, I did not suddenly become a long haired girl with big eyes. Yomi Yomi you’re so yummy*oh shut up*


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