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Note: Before we go any further, all this took place on the 22nd of May- it’s dated before the previous post. Blame my frazzled brain for this.

I actually skipped class for this one. Ming had come back from India (Where she’s studying Dentistry) sometime late February, but I was just too caught up with everything else to remember- and to make things worse, my mobile number was canceled without warning. Never mind.

Ran off after the first class, after tasking Lizbeth with data collection. Went home, had a quick shower, changed, and sped off to Sunway. Called them as soon as I got there, but no one answered- which meant that they could only be in one place- the arcade. Cell phones are nothing more than useless pieces of plastic and metal in there. I was right- there they were, crowding around Alvin who was playing some silly Virtua Cop~esque game.

The Ooi Lives!

 My first thought upon seeing this guy: “You’re alive!” Haven’t seen Tommy since… since. Almost two years, I think. As for the rest of the guys who showed up- well, Ming, of course, Alvin, Geoff, Wai Lam, Jimmy, and Owen (Who showed up later). All old school mates. Having known them for so long I don’t particularly miss them one bit, haha! I expect a few kicks from the guys next time we meet because of this…

Went over to the cinema to get the movie  tickets. Couldn’t really decide on what to watch (There was nothing really eye-catching in the theatres) , and ended up with Watchmen. More on that later. Movie was around 5.30- we still had plenty of time till then. No one had any idea what to do- I suggested going into random boutiques, trying out the clothes and taking photos, but that got turned down *sigh*. Inevitably, I suppose, with a group of 5 guys (And one girl), we ended up in a cybercafe. We played this game called Left for Dead while Ming checked out Korean guys^^; For the record- that was my second time playing it. Had enough of it for a lifetime. Note: that doesn’t mean that I find it excellent. The other guys, though, probably still love it to bits…

Time for the movie. Found ourselves circling the innards of Pyramid, searching for a parking space. Ended up a little late for the movie- probably missed 5 to 10 minutes of it. Here’s the review- oh before that, one that I read somewhere on the net- it went something like this:

Blue man’s dolphin.
Followed by excellent bedroom scene.
Some action.
More of blue man’s dolphin. Whale sized too.
Suddenly, THREE of blue man’s dolphins!
Another excellent bedroom scene.
More action.
Blue man’s dolphin.

…fellow members of would know what I’m talking about here^^;; As for my opinion of the show… it was alright, if a little slow. Definitely not a straightforward action movie, if that’s what you were looking for. It’s more of a thinking movie. The stark reality of life- peace doesn’t come free. Conspiracy thorists will probably see this as an endorsement of Bush’s war on terror, but I digress. To cut things short- if you ignore all the deep threads running through it, it’s all about (And I’m not making fun of the above review here) making love, not war. Which doesn’t sound like a bad idea if you ask me.  

Dinner at Kim Gary’s- this chain restaurant that supposedly specialises in Hong Kong cuisine. Owen joined us then, and Tommy left. Owen had just came over from college- he wouldn’t skip class:p I  had some kind of strange cheese-curry-beef rice. Spicy, it actually choked me. No other comment on it.

She misses me.

She misses me.

Owen. He came late:p

Owen. He came late:p

No photos of the other guys who came, although there’s one of Geoff waving his arms in the dark, taken at his house. Previous photos are a little blurry- naturally, it wasn’t me who took them:3 …Well, most of them, at any rate. Sent Ming to her new condo after stopping over at Geoff’s place for a bit. Two cars just to send her back- a little Kelisa (The one that Jeremy Clarkson smashed), and me in my old Mazda. A veritable motorcade.


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