Hot breakfast and cold classrooms just don’t get along very well

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Woke up with a horrible cold. The type that just keeps leaking. I hate my sneezes- they waste a tonne of energy. I really have no idea how many kilojoules go to kinetic paradise for every earth-shaking sneeze I take… quite a lot, I suppose, as almost every sneeze which I allow to escape freely (Only when at home or in private) is accompanied by a discharge of energy that enervates my entire body, resulting in anything ranging from graceful hops to stomps measurable on a seismic scale. And for today I was to have 4 hours of classes in an air-conditioned lecture hall which for someone with the flu is the modern equivalent of a Nazi gas chamber. I just wish I had a more ‘moe sneeze…

Which is why I had the brilliant idea of having something hot to warm myself up. Not Nescafe or Starbucks, but what in certain parts of the world is thought of as daily food for poor farmers. If you haven’t guessed by now, here’s the picture of what I had for breakfast- which reminds me, I haven’t had breakfast for quite some time…

Sashimi porridge!

Sashimi porridge lol

Well, not really. That is raw fish up there, but it’s definitely not Sashimi. I really can’t imagine a delicacy like Sashimi going with something like porridge… oh well. The first time I ate at this stall I was pretty shocked when the waiter placed a plate of raw fish in front of me- but then pop told me that it’s meant to be thrown into the porridge while it’s still hot- the porridge will cook the fish. Hmm. So, is the fish boiled? Boiled in porridge? Nah, can’t be… steamed? Poached? Broiled? Bah I give up:/ By the way, those brown things on the red saucer are not fried elephant intestines, in case you’re wondering. They be Chinese crullers, popularly known as ‘youtiao‘ or ‘yau ja gwai‘. I like my porridge with soy sauce and plenty of pepper^o^


Famous indeed. Confidence in oneself is always good for business.

 Here’s how to find the place- Google Earth tells me that it is somewhere around…


Latitude:   3° 8’39.94″N

Longitude: 101°41’52.29″E

Yeah, I’m lazy. Thanks for telling me what I already know^^;;

The porridge did warm me up- but not nearly enough. Minutes into class I was sneezing away. Luckily for me, I’d brought along three packs of tissue. With every sheet that was sacrificed to the unpleasant leak in my face, I felt as if the Doomsday Clock was ticking faster and faster… fine. Enough with the pointless drama. Another more relevant point would be that I had absolutely no mood to fall into a repetitive pattern of write sneeze write sneeze write sneeze, so I whipped out my camera and took pictures of the whiteboard. The only problem was that every now and then the lecturer would erase a column instead of moving on to the next board. Eventually stopped caring and fell into a pattern of listen sneeze listen sneeze…  got a friend to lend me what she copied down for me to take photos of after the lecture.

Between classes, I went sunbathing in KL. No I did not go to the college roof and sleep in nothing but my boxer shorts, nor will I ever, no matter how much you’d like to see that. Oh shush already=.=; Back in class, my tissue finally ran out, but I managed to survive till the end of class. Hung around after class ended as I had a question to ask the lecturer- there was quite a crowd around her, though, so I had to wait till they dispersed. Spent some time with Lizbeth till then. Here was what I asked:

Cole’s definition of murder goes something like an ‘unlawful killing of a human being in rerum natura‘, yes? So could this be used as justification for the killing of  people thought to be ‘unnatural’? Like the Salem witch trials?

She went ‘ooh’. I thought she said ‘noo’:p Apparently she found it interesting, but it didn’t work as the legal definition of the Latin words above eliminated that possibility. It actually backfired on me- she now recognizes who I am. Although my name is probably not privy to her as of yet- probably interested due to my odd questions (This one was brought about by last night’s episode of Blood Ties on TV2, where this obsessed priest tried to kill useless but charming vampire Henry Fitzroy), she asked me ‘I haven’t seen any of your assignments?’ Oh crud. With exquisite skill, I extricated myself by saying that I pass them up to another lecturer (Which I did, centuries ago), although I haven’t done much for Crime (Which is true, because that lecturer didn’t give many assignments). Absolute genius.

Before I end this here’s one that’s guaranteed to warm anyone up in time for a class in a refrigerator:

Image stolen from Definitely not my type of meal, though. Now, here’s a poll for you- answer it and you’ll see why this picture is even here. I demand feedback, people! I imagine that’s what our lecturers always think to themselves when confronted with a silent bunch of students^^;;


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  1. @A20: Hey, sorry to hear about the seismic sneezes. But for me, part of the energy is how much air I throw (or not throw) into it. If u totally relax yourself without any intake of breath, I’m guessing a “natural” sneeze would consume less energy? Who knows? Just a possibility… Haha, I saw those prices on Sankaku too. Based on the location, kinda makes sense. Hmm, I wonder how much a French or American girl would cost (if they ever found one)? ^_^

    • Air intake? Interesting, maybe I’ll give a try. Perhaps even hold my breath when I sense one coming on, heh^^;
      Hmm. Prices for an American or French? Considering the location, I’m guessing that they would top the charts- since they’re from far away, they’d properly be considered ‘exotic’ to the locals. I guess Russia doesn’t count as they’re geographical neighbours^^;;

      • @A20: Nahhh, holding breath might be worse, lol. Just reasonably relaxed. Yup, I agree, “exotic” is typically more expensive! ^_^

        • Nevertheless, I think I’ll give it a try and see what happens^^
          Now when can I get sick again so I can give it a pop? I recovered in one day, as usual^^;;

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